89 thoughts on “[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 004: Basic Fundamentals for Chipping

  1. Another life-changing lesson. I viewed this video a few times and just went out practiced. And it worked!! I think I can use this chip shot for 10 – 40 yards with consistency. Thank you Aimee!!!

  2. You have helped my chipping immensely. Keeping your wrist loose was the best tip. I have had a problem with hitting behind the ball with my irons for some time. The other day at the driving range I kept hitting behind the ball. Then I thought to myself that Aimee says to pause at the top. I tried it and stopped hitting behind the ball. I guess that I was trying to swing too hard and lunging at the ball. Thanks for your help.

  3. your easy to understand lessons make so much sense. i appreciate your knowledge and teaching. you really are the best! Thank you Aimee

  4. Thanks Aimee, I like the way you explain the head must turn with the ball and must take normal back swing only not as much.

  5. Thanks Aimee!
    I improve my long game after watching your videos repeatedly. However, I'm still struggling with my short game. I'd love to see more chipping and pitching lessons from you.
    After watching so many YouTubers, I think you are the best golf instructor on YouTube. What you teach is simple and straight forward. Thanks again!!

  6. ive actually learned most of this in the past im just kind of looking for other perspectives, from what i hear most pros use the hinge and hold method, but i dont like that, i feel like u touch on subjects that arent all that important such as head movement, like if someone does that, yes they will be inconsistent, but if they care to find a way, they will start hitting it correctly and moving their head when its nessessary, i think the most important part is keeping your weight on your front leg, cause just with me, im kind of inconsistent, but i know when i blade it, its cause i have my weight even rather than shifted to the front

  7. im also wondering, if that club head between your legs tip is just for like women (not to be sexist) but women r typically shorter, and im wondering if taller people should maybe take a slightly wider stance, plus opposed to chipping, i have a 59 degree wedge that ill use up to 70 yards from the green, should i still maintain a thinner stance?

  8. Thanks a lotttt Aimee… your lessons are simply the best….. made tremendous improvement only within two days. Though I'm a 24 handicapper but I do have a very fast swing…your lessons helped a great deal in getting even more distance with accuracy….All the very best…respect from Bangladesh

  9. Excellent, Excellent and Excellent. I watched a million of these vids and this one is the best by FAR.

  10. Wow! This lady is such a natural teacher!! I actually forget to look at how pretty she is and absorb everything she says. Easy to grasp because of clarity and not too much technical mumbo-jumbo but so effective! Thumbs up & subscribed.

  11. Thanks Aimee, I can't wait to try it. you did an excellent job of the instruction. Can I put you in my bag? ????

  12. After a ton of searching and watching, her videos are the best explained I've watched. Very clear and very well shown. Not sure how much her advice will help, but cannot wait to try.

  13. Hey thank you! You just helped my friend Julie. We just got back from the practice green practicing her chipping for the first time. What I didn't tell her was what you talked about at the end.
    She was keeping her head down and focusing on keeping her head down. Which is not what you wanna do with a chip shot.
    Everything goes with the ball opening up toward the target after impact. Never taught that part before. But so true!

    THANK YOU very much. this was my first time seeing your videos.

  14. I always have kept my head still when chipping and like you explained…its almost impossible to chip good that way. I watched your video this morning and allowed my head to turn with the shot toward the hold and wow…What a difference. It seems so counter intuitive to every other shot in the game but it really helped me tremendously today.

    There is an old golf saying some Pro laid down years ago that goes something to the effect of:

    "Ive never looked up during any golf swing and saw a good shot"

    Well…I can no longer agree with this because today I looked while chipping and saw a bunch of good ones…

    Thanks Aimee

  15. Great instruction. Easy to follow and it goes well with what I've learned in my one on one lessons with my PGA pro instructor. It is rather offensive to read the nasty boy comments in here. They should be ashamed. Some comments are better left unsaid. You deserve MUCH more respect than they are giving you for your excellent videos.

  16. Liked your comparison with a door, Aimee! Maybe it will remind me to turn my chest and head with my arms. Thanks!

  17. Hopefully my golfing mates don't find this video, cause they all want to know how I get it right to chip so good! ??

  18. I had a wrong conception that head should remain still until execution of shot. Today I got the vital tips how to move the head along with the chip shot. Thanks for this lesson.
    Aimee pl. tell me if this movement of head along with the ball is applicable for long drive also.
    Best regards

    Arun Datta, Kolkata

  19. Seriously, I've watched a lot of golf instrucional videos on Youtube, and your videos are the best. Your explanations are very clear and concise, and your videos are not 10 or 15 minutes long, and that's a very good thing. I also like that you don't just say "do this" but instead you explain why you should do it that way. I like to understand the reason behind everything we do to play better golf. Thank you for so much free valuable content!!

  20. The technic works well!! Just a question: my ball tends to go to the left. Anybody else struggle with that?

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