you ready this is my first record ever
three two one begin what does that furry buddy welcome back
to the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays what’s going on Josh
short nurse nope no that’s how we call not at all hi what’s up guys this is
Josh Kelly aka hole in one trick shots what’s going on guys one of my favorite
creators out there this is really cool trick shot and we’re gonna do some trick
shots we’re gonna break world record we are here at the Atlantic City Country
Club it’s not exactly a beautiful day it’s a little bit sunny but it’s only
raining exactly where we are so I don’t know what the deal is with that and we
actually we actually already filmed the world record for today yeah and it’s
really sweet like it’s really cool we just finished filming it involved two
clubs 90 golf balls you guys are gonna want to see this so stick around to the
end of the video first and watch that for sure we’re gonna we’re gonna make
you watch the end but don’t worry because we’re gonna start off with some
incredible trick shots it’s good hey I brought you ready yeah
go turn you back alright guys one of the most standard
golf trick shots is bouncing the ball in the wedge over to your other partner and
hitting now the air with the driver the problem is josh has never played
golf before he never tried to juggle with the golf ball with the club until
this more no this morning gave them a little tips you ready for the first use
only able to get two but now this is my record or if you can send it
over all you want to keep your record gonna keep going oh another world record
I’m not ok we can do your thing Tiger Woods you can get there alright
there’s a golf trickshot artist whoa great gonna take up golf now my first
golf trick shot where I did golf things let’s let’s make it harder come on let’s make it
harder ok ok turn I’ll take this juggling the same way but turn that way
over your head I’m gonna do okay you got it just Tiger Woods
Oh up a notch yeah trick shot game Josh Josh yeah hey little hungry have you got
my life – go for it where’s the isn’t there food at the golf courses just like that I am not very good at
golf and I’m not very good at baseball I’d say those are my two worst sports of
the main sports so maybe we put them together I’ll be good but I don’t think
that’s how that works it’s like two tulips maker right two
wrongs make a right something like that if I get this you have to give us video
a thumbs up if maybe I shouldn’t say it cuz I think it’s gonna happen
the top one’s gonna pop up and then I hit that one like a baseball no problem
easy stuff everybody go alright I’ll let you know I’m that bad oh you hit a
little bit too high which Oh baseball too don’t forget that both sports I
think maybe I can get this that was surprised me yeah thumbs up gotta get this thumbs up celebration girl yeah Oh I’m gonna assume that well we already
filmed this video maybe you saw if you haven’t there’s a card up top and
there’s a link in the description for the for the weird item involve red
that’s like soggy now and a bunch of weird I don’t long drive it was really
really fun video we’ll see who won just go ever and you know leave a like and a
comment and everything else yeah it’s always important to have a good
practice swing and guys real quick shout out to whistle sports for making this
video happen head over there Channel four awesome sports videos okay I think
it’s almost world record time we have a whole bunch of golf balls set up and
josh is kinda it’s what we’re here for right it’s waiting world record wins
yeah but we’ve been dealing a little bit of rain over in okay so this is the
record for most golf balls hit in a minute using two clubs now has to go
over 20 yards so the end of this range here where the high grass starts will be
20 yards exactly so let’s see I’m thinking we can get around 80 but don’t
quote me on that okay we had 90 balls setup yourself let’s see what we can do
see it good luck stop are you ready this is my first record Wow ready three two one begin oh I bet Wow I started looking over to
yeah that’s all I like to ball left and you didn’t say nothing like oh no are we
good to be really not pulled out enough golf I was so nervous that there was
three gonna right now but that was loud it was the second back you meet you hit
all them over over so let’s go 90 90 balls in 60 seconds that’s pretty
impressive that’s really I couldn’t do that if I was just doing like I don’t
know if I had like three people helping me I saw him doing that trick on an
Instagram video and I was like we need to make that into our old record and get
him on world record Wednesdays and we did it by forearms are burning it feels
so great to break my first record I I uh I got nervous at first
yeah but I started getting into a groove the only thing I’m worried me like I
said when I saw like two balls left and we didn’t know how much time could you
imagine if I finish the ball being like 10 seconds left
oh wait a minute I’ve been brutal but we did the math perfectly good we’re super
excited it good work thanks for watching on make sure you head over josh’s
channel because we did another world record yeah so check that out subscribe
go to his channel comment Josh Sydney so we know you came from this video
shatters whistle sports making this video happen and subscribe if you
haven’t yet given to it because every Monday everyone’s every Saturday every
single Wednesday break enrolled record it’s a good time so you shouldn’t used
to join my channel on YouTube oh thanks Jude appreciate it and we’ve
instagram shadows all the time so follow us both on instagram juggling josh
pulling one trick shots you Quinn is here and shout out like these people
good good job good job thank you that’s all for now we’ll see
you later bye Tiger Woods

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