– Hello Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy
today we’re gonna look at golf trick shots, have some fun with that. (energetic music) So golf trick shots, specifically what you
like to see pro’s do, bounce the ball up and
down on the club face. You may say well that’s not
a golf instruction video, well it’s fun to do number one, secondly it builds feel for
the club and coordination, builds a sense of where
the club and the ball are, it’s actually helpful for your golf too, so let’s have some fun with
that, show you five tips, that if you do these things,
you’ll get good at this. Okay first three tips in order, choke down to the bottom of
the handle of the golf club, it is much harder and heavier when that club’s at full length. So get right down near
the bottom of the handle, and number two, simply
take a very lofted club, this is my 58 degree sand wedge, and not only does it have
a bigger face to hit, but it’s much easier to tilt it up. You get a very long club with less loft, you’ve gotta tilt it a lot more like that. So what’s number three? And this is an important one, get your arm hanging as naturally, and as comfortably as you can, then have your grip so that
when you’re arm is like that the club face is pointed up. So you don’t have to change
your arm angle or whatever, practice that for a minute
or so without the ball, till you feel really comfortable. You’re on your way if you
do those three things. Okay number four, practice
this without a ball as well, I’ve done this quite a
bit so I can bounce it fairly straight up and
down most of the time, when you start it’ll go a
little bit side to side. Practice not tilting the
face when you look around, wherever you move that
club to get the ball, the face has gotta be upwards, certainly the beginning position’s gonna make that a lot easier. But I can move around a little bit here, the face is pointed up enough, I’m gonna get a reasonably true bounce. Final one, number five,
watch me do this here, I’m not really using my wrist, I’m barely, I’m just kinda pumping my
shoulder and upper arm up and down you don’t need a lot of force
to make that ball bounce, I promise you, just a little
hitch from here is far better than activating the shaft
and getting your hands going. One other thing, the first 15 minutes, unless you’re super coordinated
are gonna a bit of an agony, you’re not gonna have a lot of success, but literally within 10 or 15 minutes, you’ll get some threes and
then some sevens and eights, and you’ll get some bounces in a row, you start to get excited
and have some fun, then you’re off, in no time
flat you’ll be doing it. If you like it ad you have fun with it, and you practice it at home,
branch out a little bit, you all remember that fantastic
Tiger Woods commercial, with Nike where he’s
bouncing the ball around, pretty hard to do that I’ll add. In fact to me the hardest thing
he does is bounce it up in the air and catch it on the club. You have to have amazing feel
and coordination to do that, but certainly, maybe stage
two when you’ve bounced it would be, pop it between
your legs there like that. Stuff like that isn’t that difficult, the behind the back he does is
a little bit more difficult, play around with it and have some fun, in no time you’ll be doing well. Well I hope that helps you, that’s a fun little golf trick shot there. If you like this YouTube
channel subscribe please, is my home website, have full courses in every
aspect of the game there, thanks.


  1. Have you run out of techniques to cover? What a sad sad video, dear oh dear ? I have unsubscribed due to this video

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