Hi everybody Danny Maude here head
professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent
would you like to know how to set up to the golf ball easily every single time
in a way that adds more power and accuracy to your game I asked this
question because I had two or three clients this week who have come to the
driving range to come for a lesson have been really struggling to get their
power and accuracy and they were never going to get it with any swing thing
because they’re set up initially just wasn’t right so let me give you some
help today I’m showing you how to get this setup right in a way that adds
some energy and power and some accuracy to your game so the first thing that
happens I find when people are setting up to the golf ball is they they forget
that they’re trying to propel a golf ball a long way down the fairway so they
tend to set up a little bit limp the legs aren’t really engaged their arms aren’t
really engaged and what they tend to do is they stand here like this and gradually
just swing backwards and forwards and their body tends to be flopping and
moving around it’s not really engaged in it in a way that’s going to add some
power to this shot so the first thing I would say very very simple is to help
you get the sensation of this energy and power in your legs so just take a golf
club put it behind your back and underneath your glutes here all right
just pull upwards pull up and from here what I want you to do is I’m going to
fall forward to the point at which you almost feel that you’re gonna fall over
and then just soften the knees now what you should start to feel here is you put
some tightness in your thighs some tightness in in your glutes and you’re
really in the calves here really activate it really energized compare
that to watch this it’s your difference look at that there
let’s do that again watch this I’m putting my glutes up activate the legs
can feel a little tension on my thighs I’m almost falling forward I’m just
sitting now just lose out a little bit with the knees push the knees this way
into the ground and these are rock solid legs are rock solid from this position here we’re really
ready to strike that golf ball so you’ve engaged your legs you’ve engaged your
glutes you’re in this position here now whereby
this is coming up here you’re falling forward you’ve engaged
your thighs your glutes you’re pushing down now with your knees this way and
you feel almost you’ve toes a grip in the ground and you you’re loaded I can
feel quite a lot of tension in my in my legs that I’m really ready now just a
little check point here just make sure that when you’re doing this I’ve got a
Lyman stick here that your feet are in line your knees are in line your hips
and light and your shoulder line as you’re doing this from here just relax
let the arms just hang down here they should be hanging beautifully from the
sockets ready to play directly underneath the chest that’s what we’re
trying to do now this won’t always feel comfortable to start off with and you’ll
probably want to kind of just lose that portion of fall back so what I suggest
you do initially is just practice hitting golf balls forgetting about
where they’re going just trying to hold this position because naturally if
you’re not used to this it all feel very much over the bluff you’re not useless
feeling you’ll want to fall back into a position that feels more comfortable and
maybe have a lot less loaded tension in there so now we’re in a position here
we’ll go over the golf ball I’m going to hit a few shots backwards and forwards just like that all right so nice and
simple I felt like even I moved a little bit on that one there so not as good as
I liked but again all I do here is work on maintaining it here my body probably
wants to fall backwards cuz we’re hue still let’s say stay over that ball here
gripping the toes into the ground and maintaining that posture really really
simple so let’s summarize if you’re looking for more powerful more accurate
golf shots you can set up in a very loose Flint fashion this is often the
reason why you see so many people moving around a lot because then having engaged
their body so the step one is process put a golf club get the feelers put it
under your buck cheeks here push up and fall forward and so you feel like you’re
falling forward gripping the toes with the ground here engages the legs
secondly make sure that you’re in line as you’re doing this to a Lima stick
that you place on the ground and then from here the third thing we’re doing is
just make sure your abs are hanging down and while you practice this remember
it’s not easy to stay in this position initially you’re for a feel what’s a bit
kind of tense on my legs I’ll just relax them right what we want to do is
maintain that posture through the swing hitting golf balls not worrying about
where the balls going initially just get a sensation here we’re gonna do
backwards and forwards maintain the posture backwards and forwards over and
over again ignoring where the balls go in ischl e brim
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until next week have a great golfing week


  1. I hit some good shots but my distance is bad …i hit a 7 iron like 140 yards and a 3 iron like 165…idk why…my divots are infront of the ball and i have a pretty fast swing

  2. Ive been told this time and time again and I still struggle to do it, enjoy your videos especially "stop swaying or sliding in the golf swing"

  3. Danny Maude I am really loving your instructions but have a question for you on this posture and setup. I think I have the same setup as your bad example at 1:43 into the video where I get too much knee flex. The problem for me is when I do this without bending the knees more the club is too upright at address and the toe is way above the ground instead of level at set up. Is this new posture going to require a change on my lie angle or an expected result from my previous bad setup? Thanks and really enjoying watching your videos!

  4. As always great tips. Is there a rule for how far apart you should have your feet? I get conflicting advice. Keep up your fantastic videos!

  5. Hi Danny, when establishing a good setup with correct spine angle over the ball, where should the weight / center of balance be from heel to toe? I have seen so many teachers say the weight should be forward of centre towards the balls of the feet for an athletic stance, but both Hogan and Norman (two of the best / most athletic swingers of all time) say the weight should definitely be behind centre towards the heels. Which is the right way and why? Thanks.

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