Golf Swing Waggle: Stay In Motion

hi i’m paul wilson on the creator of
swing machine golf and the director of the paul wilson golf school at Bear’s
Best las vegas in this tip i want to talk about the golf
swing waggle and how to keep your body in motion just
before you’re going to take the golf club back so well i mean by staying in
motion and why is that important what you want to try and do his avoid starting from abril static so you don’t know come up to the golf
ball not be emotion at all because if you do
that everything’s gonna start tightening up and you’re going to get all staff as
you take the golf club back you want to just be in motion a little
bit before you make your moved into your
backside so uh… i think a bit like a um… like
a basketball player basketball player doing a free throw is gonna bounce the
ball three times and then take a shot okay well we want to try and have that
little bit of movement before we make our golf sign so what you can do this and really three
different things you can do the first is what’s called me press what we want to do with that is worst taking are set up and just before we take it back we’re
just gonna move our hands a little bit forward and then we’re gonna take the golf club
back golf swing waggle be very careful with this because i see
a lot of people press the club so they do too much of a former press and when that occurs the face actually
opens on your golf club so we don’t want to be doing that also sometimes they see people and they press it so far forward that
they deal off their golf club mean definitely don’t want to be that either
so the former press it’s really just a slight movement of the graph and then where into the backslide so if
i just put it a little bit and then start to take victor garber aback that’s five ok sophie very careful don’t
press the faced too far forward so the face opens or you end up d locking laid
off so the next thing you can do to stay in
motion is just bouncing the golf club
up-and-down and what that means is we’re not we’re not doing this for the fact
that okay it’s just a slight up-and-down movement of the club so we can go like
this as we’re looking down at the face of the
golf club we just watched the club just
compressing the grass just a little bit ok it’s moving very slightly off the
ground just enough and down movement that’s a good one too uh… to keep you in motion because
we’re not moving the face opened we’re not in that forward press situation but we still remain in motion so if i do
that and then i take it back that’s a great way to do it as well now the third one my old pro showed me this one unique as
he can edit it and i i think actually i don’t know how i did it but i i think
it just came to entertainment into my golf swing ’cause i’ve seen they see me
do it sometimes and that’s just a little kick of the right knee to start your swing back so what i mean
is getting ready to getting ready denied citizen in my setup position just before
i take it back i just give this me a little kick then i’m into my baxley so it’s pretty simple i’m
just here if i do it sideways i’d just kick my knees are just a little
tiny bit and then i’m taking it back so i have been have see myself view that
sometimes but like say i’m just doing it to golf swing waggle stay in motion so that’s always a good thing so maybe
try each of those things and see what works for you you know i i
don’t want you to spend a ton of time on it but i i definitely don’t want you
starting from a static position ok so whatever works for you but that’s a good
thing just keep doing it and then you’ll get in motion properly okay so make sure you ask any questions
or post your comments below and i’m more than happy to answer

6 thoughts on “Golf Swing Waggle: Stay In Motion

  1. Why are you squatting anyway? When you do the backswing the gap in the knees appears to narrow. When you turn back to the camera it appears to widen. You should not be trying to widen this gap. It's widens because you are facing forward again in the downswing. So, as you start down you should be thinking of touching your right knee to your left knee. This has the left knee locked at the end of the swing and right knee physically touching it. I will post this tip in the future. Thanks.

  2. Glad you liked it. This tip wasn't so much about the waggle but staying in motion which is part of waggling and taking it back.

  3. I got this by practicing it daily as a kid. Just holding the angle as it hit short pitch shots daily.

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