1. Hi , great video btw. Is there a tip on how to lower high hands at impact ,as I also have this issue and is related to early extension???

  2. Adam, very interesting video.  When you talk about focusing on both ends of the spine, it looks like your head is moving towards the ball.  Doesn't that also expose the club's hosel as well? I have struggled with early extension for a long time and know that if corrected, I could significantly improve my ball striking.  Many thanks.

  3. I want to say thanks for the video. I am working on this right now with my PGA instructor, and it is tough to teach your body this move. For me it is difficult to get the lateral move, rotational pivot while accomplishing the squeezing effect while trying to be fluid and maintain your club head speed…hope I can get it soon. Thank you.

  4. Great video! Think this can finally help me get rid of that early extension. Like you said, I only looked at the bum and not the head. Took a look at a video of myself right away, and sure enough my head is moving away from the ball in the downswing, probably causing my early extension. Will work on this next range session! 😀 Thanks!

  5. Great communication skills!
    The right hip on the backswing actually rotates toward the target, not just back to a wall, yes?
    Great video…and thanks…..new follower.

  6. Great tutorial. I've had problems posturing up during downswing to compensate – resulting in inconsistencies. Been searching a while for a detailed video – finally I've got something actionable to test out. Thanks

  7. Many thanks Adam for yet another well presented instruction. I'm currently working on this frustrating element of my swing and am looking forward to feeling like I'm getting the right power out of my shots – especially in my longer irons – and not tending to thin all the time due to early extension. Another very helpful video and thank you from Sydney, Aust – Dave

  8. Hi Adam, are there any great players who early extend (principally the trail leg rather than the spine angle)? Put another way, can you be a good ball striker yet also early extend?

  9. Great video. First one that I have seen that explains the balance properly especially the example with Tiger Woods. I practised your exercises in my kitchen but it didn't work with a swivel chair … it careered across the kitchen behind me. Oops.

  10. Bazelgette offers the best golf instructions on YouTube. His teaching is what I refer to as the miniskirt method; short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the subject.

  11. Someday there will be an instructor that goes to the point before i space out in a sea of words and expressions that i forget what's the video about in the first place

  12. I am 76 now, but I have long lacked the ability to move from impact into a high finish while maintaining the angle of my spine (staying bent at the hips). What I think I am seeing here is that I should not worry too much about turning up into a high finish but should concentrate on keeping my upper body from raising up through impact. When I tried this in my front yard with plastic practice balls, my swing seemed to feel more upright. I have often felt like I had a tendency to raise up too quickly or to not bend over enough to begin with, and I have been told that my swing is pretty flat (even though I am about 6'2" tall). My feeling is that a more upright swing is likely to be more consistent in terms of direction, since the arc of the upright swing would move less from side to side than the arc of a flatter swing. For example, a ferris wheel has no side to side motion, whereas a merry go round has only side to side motion. I think I have often raised up too early (or never bent over enough to begin with). In spite of this I can usually make solid contact and don't have a lot of problems with fat or thin hits. What I do have a problem with is the direction of my shots, especially with my driver. I have a tendency to hit a lot of hooks or pull hooks. When I try to correct this by weakening my grip, I will often hit push fades or even slices. When I try to fine tune it , I can't be sure what the ball will do, which can result in the dreaded two way miss. When I hit the practice balls in my yard, I felt like I stayed bent over until after impact, at which point I could either raise up into a "high finish" or just let the swing come to a stop without ever raising up. I will definitely give this a try on the range and see how it works.

  13. 20 years of golfing. At best an 8 handicap. Played 4 times a week, so many drills. A man told me i had "butt in the water" said it was unfixable. No sense. I realized quickly, it requires a pelvic shift slightly towards the golf ball. This shift, this slight movement, allowed "the strike zone", iow, area the club has to strike the ball in the sweet spot.
    I don't know how else to say other than make love to your ball. Do not be affraid nor shy with your equipment at the Y. Distance and consistency will wildly improve. For a while i hated shifting my junk toward the ball. Very informative! Ty all

  14. It looks like from the video that your club face starting position is not directly behind the ball but slightly below it, so it looks like just the toe is behind the ball.

  15. Adam, I practiced these drills then played a round today. My contact was so much better! Shot about 5 strokes better than my recent rounds. Have to continue to do these drills to eliminate EE.

  16. I discovered I was 'heel striking' the ball after doing a driver fitting and then, at the range, with some spray talc confirmed that indeed that was too often the case. Your lessons are always so precise and sensible. I look forward to working on these drills and ultimately making better contact with my driver! Thanks, Adam!

  17. Hi, Is there anyway i can email you a video of my swing just for your opinion on similar issue but abit different?
    Thanks in advance

  18. Outstanding, IMHO the best online golf instructor of them all, clear instructions, explains the mechanics perfectly , provides great PGA golfer comparisons and last but not least excellent practice drills. I like the KISS method of Adam's delivery to help you become a more consistent player and enjoy the game of golf more….Thank you again so much

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