– Welcome sunny Naples, Florida here. Adam Bazalgette, founder
of, two time PGA Teacher of
the Year Award winner. Let’s talk about golf putting alignment. How do you line your putter up? There’s several alignments but I wanna focus on one specifically,
let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Okay so aligning your putter
or aligning for putting. There’s a lot to
alignment, we’ve got a lot of different videos that
could show you some things. There’s forearm alignment,
very very important. And of course the precision
of club face alignment. Again we’ve got more
video content on that. But I want, this morning, to give you just a general sense of alignment and something, I think,
could really help you. If you like this video please
hit the subscribe button. There’s gonna be a lot more free content. We’d be happy to get it to you. Here’s a putt, we’re gonna
assume this is a straight putt. You can see I’ve
highlighted it with a stick. Now here’s the key I
wanna get across to you. Again there other things but this is possibly the most important. Always make it your practice
to line the putter up first and then simply stand
in front of the putter. Don’t make it a habit to line yourself up and this would apply for full
shots as well by the way. And I’m gonna recommend,
let me back up for a second. If this putter were
magically stuck to the ground where it would sit there, in fact they once made a putter like that, it had such a big head it would stand up and you could line it up then come around, but notwithstanding that,
then all you had to do, assuming it was lined up well, was stand in front of it, you’d
find that pretty much easy. So that’s the system, now
here’s the other little key. I’m a right handed golfer obviously you will see better to line your putter up if you step in with your
trailing or right foot. That gives you more of a
sense of where the hole is. Once you bring this lead foot up and your lead shoulder comes up, it’s much more difficult to look under and line the putter up properly. So remember step in
more with the back foot, get the putter lined up,
and then simply make your alignment that that most
directly faces the putter. This is the simplest way to do it and it’s far the most
effective and consistent. If you like this video
hit the subscribe button, I’d love to get you more free content, the like button if you liked it. But is my website. There’s loads of material
there I hope you find helpful and I hope this helps you get off to a better start with
lining up your putter. (upbeat music)


  1. Thanks Adam, for confirming how I have done my setup, as being somewhat on track. I'm a fairly good putter…now to get from the tee to the green! ? Great videos. Thank you Sir!

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