1. thank you for your insight to how to handle the putter. I found that right hand to format the claw and left hand steady putt grip and using your step in method has been very helpful. thank you your method of instruction has been very delightful.i was a 2-3 putter now one putt inside of 15 feet. thank you.

  2. Great video! Is there a video or picture of how the putter grip runs through the right hand? Should it sit through lifeline of your right palm as well?

  3. people pay lots of money for clubs and lessons.  I just watch this guy, get hand me downs, and lower scores.

  4. Thank you for sharing you knowledge. After watching a couple of your videos on hands and lag in the swing I shot my lowest score (84 normally around 95) since I have started. Also increased almost 1.5 clubs in iron distance!!

  5. 5:30 morning putting practice…. pulling putts . 5:45 morning putting practice…. making putts. Difference is what you suggested, lining up my arms by dropping the right hand down in line with the left. I bet that helps the full swing pull also. Thank you . A Senior US Open qualifier.

  6. If you are to putt cross handed, should the entire left palm cover the grip, or should the left palm also cover the knuckles of the right hand? Great video!

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