– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette, back in beautiful Mediterra
Club in Naples, Florida. I’m two-time PGA Teacher
of the Year award winner. Today’s subject, one we’ve
had a lot of requests for. It’s an important one in golf, the pre-shot routine. (exciting electronic music) So for golf, the pre-shot routine, it’s a very, very important thing. Let me just say, they come
in all shapess and sizes. We’ll touch on a few different things. You’ve gotta customize
something that works for you. But I believe there’s some principles, some things you have to get done well, alignment, posture, those things. There’s some principles
that can really, really help you do it consistently, and I think are the easiest way to do it. And within that, customize it the way you wanna do it, so to speak. If you like the video, please
subscribe to the channel. Got a lot of free content,’s my home website. Love you to check that out. Let’s check it out then. There’s quite a bit that goes in to getting ready to hit a
shot, if you want to call that entire thing the pre-shot routine. There’s the deciding
upon what shot to hit, how the lie effects it,
all that sort of stuff. There’s the breathing,
the calming of the mind. Just kind of settling
in and getting yourself in the right place to go. But what we’re gonna confine
ourselves to in this video is just more the physical aspect. What are some of the
things that you wanna do as you get ready to hit? The first thing I touch on is the grip. Not gonna get into that
in any great detail, it’s not a grip lesson, but I would certainly advise
that you take your grip to the side of your body,
with that lead hand. Left hand, for the right-handed golfer. There’s a couple of reasons this helps. Let me show you close-up. When the hand hangs at the side, it hangs straighter on. When you bend forward and
hang it in front of you it tends to turn palm inwards. So I always think it’s less complex for a lineman to have it straighter on, i.e. have the hand at your side. Secondly, if you can avoid the temptation to look over your shoulder and see what’s going on with your hand, your hand will relax. When it’s relaxed, forms
a beautiful contour, a place for the club to just rest. I don’t grab the club at
all until it’s resting down in that contour of the fingers, sort of at the base of the fingers. Then I apply just a little
pressure and squeeze down. Now once that left hand is on there, then I bring the club up
and put my right hand on it. You’ll see that a lot of TV. Notice golfers looking out there, how they go about taking
that grip like that. Not all of them, but that’s pretty common. Next comes what I believe is just a fundamental principle
of the pre-shot routine. And that’s what happens
when you step into the ball. The principle is this, line the club up, and only line yourself up to the club, not to the target. Let’s have a look from this angle. How many times have you
seen players doing that? I hate that. Never do that if you
wanna be a good golfer. First off, it’s extremely difficult to line yourself up this way, anyway. And second place, you shouldn’t be aimed directly at the target. You should be aimed
parallel and left of it. Here’s what you wanna do, and literally, all top players do this. Line the golf club up, and simply stand in
front of the golf club. Don’t line yourself up other
than to face the golf club. When you do it I would recommend, in fact, I would be insistent upon the fact, step in with the back
foot, that’s my right foot, the trailing foot, that gives me a better perspective of the hole. Once my left foot’s up here,
it’s harder to line up well. Step in with the back foot,
then place the golf club, and when I’m happy with that all I do is stand in front of the golf club. It’s very easy, just picture
one standing here in space and just walk up to it. That’s as much as you
need to do to line it up. Make sure you do it that way, you’ll have a lot more success. Let’s look at it from in front. Now, before we look at what I think is the other really major fundamental, or major component, to me
in a good pre-shot routine, let’s just say one other thing. You’ve gotten your grip, you’ve
put your other hand on there in one form or fashion, when you step in with that trailing foot, step in a little bit behind the ball, if that’s the target line. The more you step in behind it, and I’m only suggesting a little bit, the better your perspective
of that target line is, and getting that club on-line. You do not wanna get in front
of the ball a little bit and try to line up something
that’s behind your eyes, club head, with something in front of you. So just slightly behind that ball, and that’s the spot I’d recommend. Okay, so one final principle. And I think this is just
foundational as well, and that is, when you go ahead and step in and put the club on the ground, that’s when you take good posture. You could put the club on the ground any one of a lot of ways, don’t do that. Stand here, if you’re in
front of your computer or something with a golf club. Stand up, nice and tall, with a good grip. We presume, arms hanging against body, there’s a little bit of angle here. Club doesn’t reach the ground. It’s a foot or so off the ground. Watch on TV, when the good players do this that club does not go the ground without the proper hip tilt. That’s how they place it on the ground. So that’s just the routine there, and that keeps you in good posture. You’ve gotta practice it a
little bit to get comfortable. It’s not super difficult,
but it takes a little bit of practice to get comfortable at it. But avoid that terrible pitfall of just sticking the club on the ground, and then trying to fight
your way into good posture. Check it out of TV again. When they step in, they take
their posture beautifully in order to put the club down. It’s a lot, lot easier way to go about it. Hope that helps you with
golf’s pre-shot routine. As I say, there’s different ways to do it. But adhere to some of these principles, develop it a little bit, and I think you’ll have
some success with it. If you like the channel,
please subscribe to it. The free YouTube channel. Would love to have to go
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  1. Really well presented and explained Adam, I have always struggled to find a consistent pre shot routine that I can repeat quickly and without complications.
    I will give this a go, thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Well done by SGA. I do think one part is often overlooked though, and that is a pre shot routine can take far too long. Go with something simple and pull the trigger.

  3. I really like how you don't say "You must do exactly this" but more "This is a basic thing good golfers do, see if you can customize it to work for you."

  4. heres a unrelated question for you ? how do you go about getting the right swing weight for you and do you try and make all of your clubs the same . eg driver thou to 9 iron .because im thinking of changing mine ???

  5. Adam, I continue to have problems getting line up left of target. Inevitably, too many approach shot shots fall right of the target. I've always tried to line up with intermediate target a few feet in front of ball, Iive tried a practice swing and getting belt buckle pointing left. Now I'm try to actually align shoulders as if they're pointing well left of target. Any other ideas?

  6. Hey Adam. I live in Bonita Springs and I would love to work on a golf course. I am 19 years old. Love your videos and just seeing if you know any golf course that need help. Thanks Austin

  7. I haven't played for awhile now. I have two sore locking fingers in my right hand. I play left handed. My golf clubs are old and the grips are the original ones. Today a guy showed me what they call a training grip it felt better using this, but any tips on this would be great. I use to practice a little each day. Haven't picked up a golf club in over a month now 🙁

  8. Great video Adam. I learned a few things but aren't your feet aiming at the right bunker instead of parallel to the stick? Your setup seem to be a bit closed which will require a straight pull or a big draw. Maybe it is just the angle of the camera. Thanks for the tips !

  9. Just thought I'd use this forum to say I hope you are all ok over there and staying safe from the storm winds. Regards Graham.

  10. It looks like Naples is right in the path of Irma. Stay safe Adam, I am wishing you well and hope the damage is minimal. All the best, John.

  11. Watched this video before going to the range. Unreal at the difference it made. It has made me excited to play again. This video is spot on, I didn't slice the ball even once. My shots into the green were spot on and it even helped my drives. The more I hit and played the better it felt and was starting to gel. If it seems like I'm gushing over this, I am. This lesson was a difference maker for me. Thanks for the help!

  12. Adam, my sons just started playing and I told them this might be the best / most important lesson they will ever see. This is so critical to the game. On a side note I lived in Martin County FL, for a number of years few miles north of the Medalist. Heard west coast got whacked pretty hard hope you made out well.

  13. Did u see those 2 women golfers that hit back to back hole in ones. They showed one women play a couple of shots in the news report. shouldn't laugh but both shots were complete miss hits made me feel better about my own game haha

  14. So you are lining the club up at the target, then posture etc….and then do you adjust for any shot shaping? Or are you lining the club up either left or right of the target first depending on your shot shape intentions. Does this make any sense?

  15. Hi Adsm, love this video. Do you have anything on triggers for the golf swing? I'm having a major problem standing over the ball for way to long and can't get the club back! Can you help? Thanks

  16. Adam, this has helped me tremendously!!! Simplified my whole 'process'. Thank you for all that you do!!!

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