Golf Lives Home Course: Wild Horse Golf Club

we never had a sugar daddy there wasn’t
anybody here with a lot of money Oh take that! Film this one! we essentially always did it ourselves I didn’t really get the flavor of the
town until I’d been here about 20 years and after you’ve been here while you
find out that Gothenburg is a town kind of just takes care of itself we have a
lot of farmers that are golfers I remember them just stepping up and
saying it can be done it can be done we’ll do it so they did. this was just
pasture ground we built the golf course ourselves you know we borrowed the money from the bank we bought the ground we got the builders
up here and they started laying out the back nine pretty soon here comes a big
John Deere and a disc two guys a backhoe and a Smithco pretty much built
this golf course we’d get people together and things just happened my husband would point out where the
farmers came in with their equipment to do some leveling or cart paths or
whatever that they were working on and they were being so respectful of the way
the land laid out and you could just see it when it was
under construction and then when it was built we came out to see it it was just like wow wow I get to play golf here oh sit, sit, sit this golf course is never the same give
it a little wind it’s a little bit harder give it a lot of wind that’s a
lot harder get up little stinker that looks really nice but it’s never boring it’s always fun we travel and we play other golf courses and there’s nice
things about them but I can’t wait to get home I just love this course I just love the whole panorama Ill put your score down. You got to put that down. Its really bad ok [laughter] this is the only golf course I have ever played at I
am happy to play over and over and over and over again this is a huge tract of land to turn
into a golf course for a little town but we were able to take this on as a
community it stuns me even now it’s a good idea it
just goes

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