Golf Instruction – How To Get That Slow Easy Swing

i am paul wilson and the creator of
sewing machine golf in the director of the paul wilson dav school the bears
best las vegas missed it talk about developing golf instruction that’s slowly effortless looking dol
slash so you all know the one i mean it’s it’s
the one but that values guide that you marvel at at your golf club
this guy he just swing so easy giddy hits a mile he’s always down the
middle if i find it quite interesting that so many people marvel at this guy and yet they go out to the range and they’re this way all the way added as
hard as they can so if you like that person that could be a its usually a diet but you know a lot of
ladies already have these easy looking dot also links up that’s why i’m not including them in
this but there’s always that guy have there with that slowed easy slang p_l_o_ every golf clubs get diskette and it’s just mind boggling that
everybody really likes his golf swing no one tries to emulate what he’s doing
so this tip is about trying to develop
that’s slow easy golf swing so everybody can admire your golf swing okay so first off what we want to try
and do is just understand a little bit about what’s happening in that golf swing that allows that
person to hit along effortless shots uh… uh… what with the feeling are with a
look that’s effortless okay so they’ve got this ever list looking
slang looks like they’re barely hitting it yet they hit the ball a mile well what’s happening there is in a better golf swing like that the body is telling the arms how fast to swing so what i’m getting at is the issue are basing your golf swing on it korea ling anand coiling your body you’re not moving your arms independent this body rotation by just hold my arm out like this and i
twelve ac my body is making my arm iv then i’ll use my to lower body to armed corelle which is making my our move the opposite way so fine here like this aiko royal opera my arm just moved i unquote and the move the other way so you can see that this golf instruction doesn’t look very fast move if you’re going like this in return hit that ball as
hard as you can you’re going to have that fast look teardrops what so that person with that very effortless
looking golf swing is allowing their body to tell their arms how fast the
slang that as the person is calling an encore
link how do they generate the power well the
power is generated through their wrists being very loose throughout their whole golf swing so if the wrists our lives that creates this whipping action of the golf club that whipping action we getting that to increase due to requiring a man correlate so if you had this loose wrist position or
the loose risky ling in your golf swing well that would hit the ball okay but he wouldn’t hit a mile so if you can couple that with the
quarreling and i’m quoting of your body creates that whipping action makes it
even faster which generates a ton of club head speed a look that looks like really that you’re not even hitting the
golf ball at all there’s a corollary an encore one of
your body and that’s telling the arms how fast the
slang and of course sorus earliest which
creates the whipping action allows the golf club to generate that carpet speed now for me when i was growing up the head pro at the course i was that in
florida he was known as having the most
incredible tempo of anybody in the area so what i used to do ice to watch him hit golf balls so every night he come out to the range in
heated two buckets a balls and i kept that image in my mind as i was hitting golf balls myself so i would just actually think about his swaying as i’d hit golf balls i was thinking about his backs slowing and then is through slang and try to copy that get that golf instruction into my own golf swing and effectively how long time to get
that but if you’ve got that image in your mind of that slow effortless slang or
somebody else’s swing that’s got that look to their slang well why would you do a super fast
slaying if who you’re thinking about has this very effortless looking strike so couple
prose that come to mind would be an bernie ells um… pirate eve to send or even a freddie
couples babylip very effortless when they’re swinging the
golf club yet they hit the ball a mile soak that’s the first thing i want you to do if you’re looking for that effortless golf swing next thing you want to do you want to golf balls at three quarters of your maximum distance so what i’m getting at is if you hit eight seven down a hundred and fifty yards i want you to hit shots your only hitting them a hundred yards okay so instead of swinging at top speed you just do some
easy flames okay sir pick out a target the fed a
hundred yards start doing full slayings your normal fulfilling that only hits the ball a hundred yards
okay i try to get people to do this all the
time you know we should pick out a target
that’s a lot closer and then they start going like this and that you have to
swing to go only go a hundred yards what we’re trying to do here i needed to do your full lost one only hit it a hundred yards instead of a hundred and
fifty yards or whatever your three-quarters it’s a pick out a target
out there to force winds that three quarters you can even do that with your drivers
you get your driver to fifty but so you pick out a target two hundred yards one seventy five in
that area and don’t hit your driver past that by doing that what you’ll be doing is you’ll be
slowing everything down katie kerwin away at it as hard as you
can with your hands and arms you’re gonna be hitting it well beyond shorter target so in order to do that you would be
using your hands-on arms so what i’m saying is if you can do it
full swing informing him of the shorter distance you have to stop using your hands arms so once you do that and you’re kidding pretty solid shots at that shorter distance you’ve enemy increase the rotational speed of your body the ball go that extra fifty yards or that extra that extra bit figure backing off you’re not hitting anymore you’re taking
the arms out you’re getting used to doing that’s lame that edge three-quarters of your normal distance once you’re good at it and you may have to tear up the ball for
a little while if you have to be that’s that’s fine i just want you getting good
shots at three-quarters once you can do that pretty consistently then start training your body faster and that
would mean do the touch the legs position a little bit faster so if you’re up here feel your lower body making but golf clubs why okay so that’s how you going to get that
extra power so make sure you’re really trying that
and i know that sounds easy to do but i guarantee you when you go to try
it you really have difficulty especially if
you’re someone that really tries to take off ball as hard as they can okay so you hate him what you want to be doing is do that in your practice sessions much as you can when you go to the golf
course you know i would probably have a thought process swinging it fifty percent of your ability knowing full well you’ll probably swing
a little bit harder which would be about eighty percent when you’re playing and that would be a
great um… level to swing and never really go
beyond eighty percent do the practicing on the range okay once you go to play start to swing a little bit easier concedes it’s gonna be will be difficult
making that transition from the range to the golf course at some point you gotta try it if you
want that nice effortless golf swing so make sure that when you’re when you
go to play your thought processes fifty percent try to play one round swinging at fifty percent and you’ll be amazed at
how far you’ll end up getting the golf ball okay so there’s a few ideas for you make
sure that you’re trying to work on these if you’ve really do want that effortless
looking dawson i guarantee you if you ask any tour
player to swing and hit a golf ball at three quarters of the normal distance i guarantee you they could all do it in the first ball they wouldn’t even have a think about it so that’s how much control we need in
our own golf swing i needed to be overdo it for golf swing at three quarters of the actual distance once you get it that’ll start taking your arms out of
the swine it’ll stop you having that fast looking das frank and then all you have to do just for your body
faster that will allow you to hit the ball as far as before if not for with a very golf instruction easy looking awesome victory xa questions poster comments below i’ll try to get to
as many as a

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