Golf Hitting Mat Review – Motivo Golf StrikeDown Dual-Turf Tour Golf Mat

Oh how’s it going today
we got some special just do it okay if you’re new to the channel I do a lot of
golf tips and drill videos to help your game also a lot of product reviews so if
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notification so you don’t miss anything a lot of you have been asking me about
hitting mats I’ve been hitting off this old old dude for a long long time so I
haven’t really been able to recommend a good one I got this from a fairway pro a
few weeks ago I’ll put a link to that video right up here I really like that
by the way it’s a great portable one and so far probably the best one I’ve used
but it’s not a full-size hitting mat and it is kind of expensive for the kind of
this small mat unit but still I do think it’s worth it I really like it to be
honest today I’ve got this boom and now I’ll be honest with you I’m a little
concerned about this right off the bat because it’s it’s not very heavy it’s
pretty light so we’ll see I mean how good could it be how thick could it be I
don’t know we’re gonna find out let’s dig in learn more about this puppy I’m careful I don’t want to cut my mat it’s from ma motivo golf with Tebow duh
100% satisfaction guarantee not 98 percent 99 100 initial thoughts just right out of the
box it’s it’s light so I mean that’s good and bad my concern is that it’s not
as thick and durable like those um the country club elite mats those are the
probably the best ones but they’re super expensive you they’re like five hundred
dollars I’ll leave a link below for this but so far I like the feel the grass
feels pretty good this cushion is very soft and forgiving we have some rough
here it’s not five by five it’s five by four maybe hold on we’ll give you exact
measurements right now five by four let’s get off it quit wasting time I
know okay first we’re just gonna do a standing on a comparison what does it
feel like when you’re standing on it just on the grass now if you’re you’ve
got a metal-on-metal you got a cement platform or something it would probably
be a much sturdier but this is my grass wanna see how how it feels you’re
standing standing cash okay my 20 year old guys it’s a little
thicker let’s give um but not bad Briella till
lead the same still a weight test see what’s one new one kind of smells like a
whole wetsuit like an old old-school wetsuit like when I first learned to
surf it was like a rubber thing in case you were wondering we’ll go three off
the mo veto three off the mo betta rough three off the off my old one and then
three off the fairway pro free pack you for getting that thing’s name fairway
pro 3 3 3 3 it’s 12 ball some guitar 6 iron by the way initial thought here Matt is it’s nice
it’s got good forgiveness doesn’t feel really hard and clunky the rough is
growing I’m a righty so the rough is growing this direction and it’s good it
kind of gives you that the club goes through it but on the backswing the
grass kind of catches the back of the club which is kind of good because it
forces you to hover the club slightly above the ball before you hit which is
what you want anyways especially out of the rough
because you don’t want that club getting caught in the rough so I do like the
rough on that my Matt yeah it’s definitely old
so it’s net it hasn’t felt good in many years I wouldn’t recommend it the
fairway Pro that’s nice it’s certainly it’s a little louder a lot louder I’m
outside so it doesn’t bother me or anybody where’s your indoors
maybe you got a upstairs loft or something might bother the downstairs
people hard to say and really I want to dig in I don’t hit some wedge and see
what it’s like let’s do it so one thing I do recommend is when you
hit off a Matt I do prefer it on the grass because there’s a lot more cushion
even underneath the mat itself it’s not just cement which I never have liked the
downside is uh you’re gonna have uneven lies with your feet when you’re
practicing but guess what when you’re on the golf course you have uneven lines
all the time so I do highly recommend just straight on the grass don’t have to
level it all out does that be perfect let’s see let’s see if we could tea them
up so so far just the downside of that there’s no place to tee up the ball
you’d have to you could use your tee claw this is a tee claw I’ll leave a
link for these two and they you can put a tee in here and they screw into the
mat so let’s see if they work those work perfectly also just another thing to
note watch this my foots coming off people don’t like that and especially if
you’re taller it’s gonna hit you have more of an issue
so the square guys are gonna be gonna be a lot more usable for you bigger you
bigger folks but then go really wide over here no problem we’ll see how long this lasts
it looks pretty durable check it out see if it’ll work for you I’ll leave links
below and I like it I do recommend it thanks for watching please hit the like
button subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already I love you guys
we’ll see you the next video

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