Golf Equipment: What comes first: Lessons or club fitting?

(Nick Clearwater) Inevitably, every golfer is faced with the decision sometime in their golfing career and that’s when do I get golf clubs? Common questions come up all the time. I’m not very good, should I get golf clubs? I have no experience, do I need to really spend money and get a set? The answer is always going to be yes. Every student that comes to me and starts a relationship to get better at the game, inevitably we talk about their golf clubs as well. They ask, do I need to wait and should I take some golf lessons and try to improve my game before I get fit? The answer is always the same, you need to get fit right now. Take a look at this graphic up here these are fairly typical results of what we get through our TECFIT process at GOLFTEC. Driver ball speeds that increase by four mph, close to 20 yards of improvement and better fit clubs just go straighter as well. Same thing with irons, a lot faster ball speeds as the technology in those is ever-changing each and every year. 17 yards of distance improvement with those and straighter shots again. You can see that these are results that are taken without even having golf lessons, this is just what you need to do if you’re trying to get better at golf. Drivers, these are easily adjustable, the lofts can be changed, the way the ball curves with your driver can be adjusted, this is simple. Irons, the lofts and lie angles of these can be adjusted as your game changes or as your swing improves. The same thing as you get stronger and better at the game the shafts can change and you can have that altered as well. Wedges, different grooves, different colors, different shapes, everything can be changed on those all the time. I’ve fit hundreds of my students and I’ve rarely, if ever, I can’t even remember the last time somebody fit into just a stock set of clubs. Getting a club fitting is really the single cheapest investment that you can make in your golf game. The way to get started, find a local GOLFTEC Coach near you and schedule a TECFIT today.

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  1. Obviously this is meant for people who are serious about playing golf. If you just started and have no consistancy in your swing, getting fit will not be the right thing to do. You will want to be able to somewhat reproduce a swing so you can figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

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