– Well, hello again. Adam Bazalgette here in
beautiful sunny Naples, Florida. I’m founder of, and two time PGA teacher of the
year award winner down here. Wanna try to help you today
with an important subject. What is the best golf driver ripple? What is the best grip
really to use for driving? Stay tuned. (inspirational ambient music) (golf club swooshing) Well, there’s a drive for me. So talking about driver grips, what are the two things you
really have to be able to do? Number one, you gotta be able
to create club head speed. So we’re gonna show you
something close up in a minute, that will allow you
mobility in the wrists. Certainly the wrists
aren’t the only source of club head speed. But, believe me, if
you’re wrists are tight, and they’re not mobile, and you can’t create
some whip like motion, you’ve gotta be extraordinarily strong to create a lot of club head speed. It’s a major component of speed. So, that would be one,
mobility of the wrist. And number two, of course, is the ability to square the club face. Nothing’s gonna rob you of
distance more off the tee, or make you a less effective
driver of the ball, than leaving the face open,
and slicing it to the right, which is what so many golfers do. Now, if you like this video, please subscribe to the channel. Would love to get you
more of the free content. Let’s have a close up look
now at some of the things you can try to get right in your grip. That are gonna give you that mobility, and that ability to hit straight shots. Okay, so what kind of a grip gives you the ability
to hinge your wrists, and also the ability to square the club. Well, simply put, it’s a grip that’s more towards the fingers. Now, it’s a little
diagonal across the hand. It’s not straight there, but this fleshy heel pad
must sit on top of the club. It helps you to push down. Now here’s another little
pitfall, you gotta watch out for. If my natural hand angle,
let me turn this way, is like so, avoid the
pitfall so many people do of stretching their hand
to get it on the club. Once that thumb stretches
out, this tendon gets tight, your wrist will tend to lock up. So either a stretched hand or a grip that’s too much in the palm are disastrous for golf grips. Especially for the driver
where you need speed. So, totally relaxed position, and just let the club fit in
there under that muscle pad. You take it like so. There’s different routines
as to how to do this. I’ve got videos on that, but practice it up in
front of you like that, ’til there’s no stretch, and it’s at the base of the fingers. One other little benefit of this, when you grip it more
down towards your fingers, your hand will naturally wrap over the club a little bit more. Let me get my grip on there,
and have a look at that. You’ll see some angle here, and this joint at the base of my wrist is well on the side of the shaft. That’s a natural consequence
of the good grip. When you see that sort of a look, it is so much easier to
close the club for impact giving you a little more
draw and a little more snap. So pay attention to your grip, it’s really important, those two factors. Okay, so I hope that
helps you get a good sense of your lead hand, and what to do with it, and why it’s so important. Trailing hand we didn’t
talk a lot about that, but it’s gonna be slightly
across the base of the fingers. And you just want to get that lifeline, between the two pads here, just matched up to the back
of that left thumb there. So that your hand is really
on the back of the shaft, and it is in a position
to push through well. Left hand grip is really a big key though, because, if you can get that right, it’s pretty easy to fit the
right hand grip on there. We got lot’s more
information about the grip, and the set-up, and other factors
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video that would help you. Thanks for your time. (inspirational ambient music)

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