Golf Drills To Stop Overswinging (PERFECT BACKSWING!)

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to stop over swinging. It’s a common problem,
affects a lot of people. I’ll show you three things
and if you do these three you will not have that problem any more. (bouncy music) Well if you’re new to the channel or if you’ve watched my videos before but you’ve never subscribed
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that’s next to that button, that will make sure you are notified when we have new videos coming out. Hope these are helpful to you. (swoosh) So the first key to a reasonably short, in other words a not over
swing kind of a swing, to me is this trail arm. That’s the thing I see
most people do wrong. For the right hander it’s the right arm, you’ve got to keep some
pressure out there, some resistance there if you’re
going to do this properly. Let’s have a look at
a great player or two. Then we’ll come back out
and I’ll show you a drill. – [Commentator] So there’s
Jason Day on the left hitting a driver. And that is certainly not an over swing but there is definitely a
little give in that left arm. What you see though is
you see plenty of space between his body and
that golf club up there. Now look at Justin Rose on the right. I’d say that’s a pretty
darn straight arm again, beautiful look in that right arm. I have an old film of Justin
back in his Leadbetter days, there he is from the rear view. And here’s where you’ll
really get a chance to see it. The right arm folds,
it’s by no means stuck into the body though at that point. But watch it at the top. It really has a great angle there and it is pushed to really a full right angle. It hasn’t squashed any more than that. So it’s that pressure out there that you need to keep with that right hand. And you’ll feel it pushing
up against that left, that you’re going to make sure you do. – Okay here’s a drill I would recommend to start you on the way,
getting you the right feel. Go to the top of a backswing and take the butt of this right hand and push it against the left thumb
for the right handed golfer. Big key here, we’re not trying to push the club away from the body that way, trying to push it so
there’s a wrist hinge. Trying to push a bent position. Now here’s how the drill would work, go up there, medium kind of tension level, push it out, hold it, push
it out again, hold it. And on the third time, hold
it, then swing through. You can do it with a ball eventually, and probably off a tee. I wouldn’t do it initially with a ball. The idea is to start to
familiarize yourself with that feel where there’s that pressure and then to get a feel
for what does it feel like to swing through from that position and not the collapsed position. All right the second key I’d
give you for shortening your backswing and that’s some
resistance in your lower body. Let me put that aside, get
a long club like a driver. I would practice one of these pivots. Now, bear in mind not all great players do this the same way. You look at Jack Nicholas there’s quite a bit of movement in his left knee and there’s certainly
his left heel raises. There’s been some modern day
players, I know hardly any, but you’ve got to work
this out for yourself. So take a club, put it behind your back. The key is the lower body
has to play the role of supporter really, it has to
play the role of stabilizers. So you want to feel like you can freely get your back to the target
but by the time you get there you’re starting to feel
some decent stretch. Don’t try to resist
with the knees too much. Let them move just a little bit, the right one will go
back and up slightly, the left one will poke out. You just have to fool around
with it to get the right blend where you can get back there but by the time your back’s to the target it’s starting to feel a
certain amount of stretch. Now I promise you, before
I give you this third key which is probably one you wouldn’t guess. I promise you if you can
keep reasonable resistance in your lower body, and
you can keep that right arm where there’s some pressure
and some push out there. You’re going to feel enough
stretch and talk in your body. You’re going to keep
enough space out there. You’ve got the battle mostly won. Let’s have a look at this last one though, probably not something you’d guess. – [Commentator] Okay we
have Adam Scott on the left, I realize he’s hitting and iron and John Daly there on the
right’s hitting a driver but you’ll get the picture here. You need a pretty on plane simple swing if you’re going to shorten it. Watch John, that’s perfect there. Now watch John Daly,
look how far behind him, look how flat that takeaway is, I mean that’s about as off
plane as a great player can get. Now he certainly has the
flexibility and the talent to make that work, as evidence
by what he’s done in the game. But if you look at how flat
that golf club is there. We’ll take Adam a wee bit further back, that’s perfect right there. He doesn’t need to compensate
for that and over swing. But for Daly, he’s got to
lift this club up to get it in position, as I say he’s
certainly capable of it but, it’s a rare bird that gets that flat and has all this lift that doesn’t run off and over swing quite a bit. But when you’re on this
sort of a plane here, it doesn’t need the over swing. It’s so simple on plane, you’ve still got to do the other two things, but that is critical if you’re
going to shorten your backswing. It’s nice and simple. I’ve got a brand new course
on solid strike form, if you want to hit solid
irons and work on that, a three part video course just down in the description box, help yourself. – So remember a good takeaway, a nice clean start to the backswing. That’s the key to an efficient
on plane sort of a move. And when it’s efficient,
when it’s on plane, the first two things are a lot
easier to put into practice. Let’s give it a go here. (swoosh) Well a little skinny but
felt okay, felt fairly short. Well if you like the video,
I’d really appreciate it if you hit the thumbs up sign. Again helps build
momentum for the channel, we want to keep this thing going, keep bringing you instruction. Hope these golf drills are
helpful to stop that over swing, I promise you they’re not that difficult. Put them into practice if you have an over swing and you’ll be sorted out. (bouncy music)

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