– Hi, Adam Bazalgette back here
in beautiful Naples, Florida I’m founder of Scratch Golf
Academy and today’s golf drills, how to shift your weight
in the down swing. (upbeat music) Let’s look at golf drills then, how to shift your weight
in the down swing. This is a subject a lot of
people have an interest in. Obviously you should do that, we’re going to show you how much, how to go about doing it, et cetra. What it should look like,
some of the parameters. Now and at the end of the
video I’m gonna come out and show you a couple of drills
I think will really help you get this in to your swing. If you like the video please
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aspect of the game there. Well there’s two main reasons
as I mentioned that we’ve got to shift our weight. Number one is it adds power. Let me very briefly show you
another move from another sport and you’ll see a similarity here, but you’ll also see a pretty
significant difference. This is a baseball player, you can see the weight shifting there. You can see the dynamic
movement where the thrust of the hips, before there’s any
kind of arm strength, produces a lot of power, but
generally this winds up being a very centered sort of
pivot between the ankles. Where as if you look
at say Brandt Snedeker, he too shifts weight before
there’s any arm swing, again adding power, but in his
weight shift he winds up much more over that front leg. And what that does of course is it moves the bottom of the swing forward more. So in golf we not only have to be dynamic, but of course we have to
move the bottom of the swing, unless it’s a drive, in
front of the golf ball, on this side of the golf ball. Let me hit one here, I’ve got a tee there marking
a location of the ball. This is an eight iron. And you can see there that
the divots passed the ball. Now before I show you a couple
of drills as to how I think you can work on this, let’s look at a few
great players in action. We’ll show you specifically
what this looks like, give you a nice visual feel
for it, we’ll bounce back out and I give you a couple
of favorite drills. So let’s do one senior tour player, that’s Nick Price in his
early senior tour days. And then one regular tour
player, Dustin Johnson, hitting a short iron. Now Nick always had a
sizeable shift of weight, a big bump of the hips
towards the target there, beautifully done. Dustin’s similar but I
would say not as dramatic a weight shift. So they don’t all do it
exactly the same but basically what they’re doing is they’re
getting that hip joint there within the pelvis over that ankle joint. Hip joint over the ankle joint. And when you do that the outside
of your lead leg will bump beyond your left ankle, it will
pass your left ankle coming in, again not all exactly
the same but that’s pretty much what they’re doing. Okay so let’s look at some
drills I think will help you. Listen this is my experience
in giving golf lessons, anybody can shift their
weight to the front foot. It’s just that when there’s interference, mainly the (inaudible) and the
ball, then it’s not so easy. So to prove that you can
do this right at home. Just let your arms dangle so
they’re literally just falling off your shoulders like that. And you just see how easily you
can shift and stay posted up on your left side. I’ll bet 100 times out
of 100 you could do it without any worries. So where’s the interference coming from? Well simply what happens people
are too anxious to hit the ball, it prematurely and excessively accelerates their arms and the club. When that thing thrusts down
there like that it will push your weight on to the back foot. So drill number one, can you
kind of establish the sort of patience necessary. This is an easy one. I put it on a tee, you’ll want
to do that to make it easy. I’m going to take my set up, I’m just gonna do a three part swing. Part one is about half to
two-thirds of a back swing. I’m gonna pause, then I’m
just, when I’m ready I’m gonna shift my weight, pause
a second and then hit. Here’s how it goes. Part one. There’s my weight shift,
when I feel like I’m there, I’ll just go ahead and
turn through and hit it. And then of course
subsequently allowed a little flow and a little speed. You would think that would
be super easy to do right? And in fact it is fairly easy to do, but let me tell you when I
see people try to work on that drill you should see the
amount of panic and anxiety. Until you can feel completely
calm, move around and experience it and then swing
through, don’t move on to drill number three. And that’s this. I’m gonna set up here with
this little alignment rod, oh two, three inches outside my left heel. You remember we said we
showed you with the tour pro, the outside of their left
leg is going to be beyond the left ankle. So this is gonna become my,
this is gonna become my marker. I’m gonna put it on a tee again, make it a little bit easier. And I’m gonna feel like
I can bump into that rod a little bit on the way down. And I feel nicely posted
up against that rod, it’s just feedback. Believe me you’re always gonna
do better when you get clear, concise, easy to feel feedback. So try these drills, get a
good mental picture of it. This is a wonderful drill
here out on the driving range. This will go right in your golf
bag and I trust you’ll make some progress with your weight shift. Well I hoped those golf drills
were helpful for you in how to shift your weight in the down swing. I’m Adam Bazalgette again,
founder of Scratch Golf Academy. If you go to
I have full courses in every aspect of the game. All sorts of drills and
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  1. Why don't golfers stand a little closer to the target (effectively moving the ball back) so they can rotate more centered like that baseball player, instead of having to dynamically move forward their lowest point of the swing arc by moving the hip all the way over the lead ankle? Surely that much lateral hip movement is making it harder for us to get the ball on the middle of the clubface consistently? Just thinking out loud here…

  2. Hi Adam, as always , clear , concise, instructions. Weight shift is my nemisis, I tend to rotate around my swing ( too fast ) and no bump forward ending up pull hooking like mad! Going give this still a try thou, failing that, how else could I manage to stop pull hooking if I can't stop the rotation .?
    Thanks again Adam

  3. I definitely bump my hips as I start my downswing. My problem is, my upper body tends to hang back and I leave my weight on my right foot. Any tips to help me get my weight forward if I'm already bumping my hips like you suggested in this video? Thanks for posting this informative and helpful video!

  4. i increased my irons distance by 20yard with the drill. now i know how to smash the ball. great drill.

  5. This video was an epiphany for me! I’ve always known energy should be directed toward the target and not the ball, but the drill in which you’re throwing your arms toward the target made me understand that I need to wait for my right side bend to reach p6 until I start firing my arms/shoulders. Thank you!

  6. Great advice, your teaching approach and cues work very well for me. So after some time on your YouTube channel I signed up for the premium membership and very impressed by content and delivery. Thank you and best regards from Singapore, Roger

  7. I’m a scratch golfer current I’m hitting a lot of thin shots losing a little distance mostly off tight fairways and with only the irons any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  8. Thanks! You have helped my golf game so much. I'm 13 and have been playing for 8 months with a handicap of 16. I don't know if I am progressing at a good pace, so if anyone could tell me a decent handicap after one year, it would be a great help.

  9. Going to try those drills. I"m ow up to playing with woods. Tiger let me borrow his expensive ones, and I thought this is all marketing hype to get you to buy that latest and greatest, But I will say the regular old school wood vs one of these new ones. There really is no contest. Its very easy to hit the ball and the ball will naturally fly better. where the older ones you have to really put it together to get a nice shot.

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