yeaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Last year we had the idea of doing some Kinect for basketball, and we pulled it off And it was awesome this year the idea is Kinect for golf All right boys let me walk you through this piece of just artwork Here’s rip eyes now. It is very rip Uh class we have seven cups up the top here or you can count seven of them good girl seven Red Riding Hood plays look flashes So you come down here you get your Odyssey cutter weapon of choice, yeah You’re either yellow or what I’m gonna go the wadi wish and then I’m gonna go for number four this one I’ve done oh It rolls down here into the board. Yeah, just like that like it Easy as you like you get four in a row you get the wind Scottie anything to add just a couple of things Boys this thing works by gravity entirely girly. It’s science. Okay. Not really yeah, go on And I reckon Lee yeah, there’s a network of tubes in here just bit like the underground in London You know the more complex way more conflict now. We all want to play It’s obviously the best game in the world no one wants to feel but it’s a to play go rock off rock Paper scissors, oh we both did a rock rock paper scissors So for round two me just got have a rock off and the loser is out for you So how work or the winner of round one gets to play around – oh, that’s man, that’s better. Yeah? All right, I’m going this base. It’s the same type I got with a longest putt ever last year So I should be good gone sooner this thing look at this turn. This is spicy man You need more than spicy to help you. Oh, that’s gonna Do it Bret’s gonna kick us off game-mode number one very place you go. You know? What won’t be peaceful though when I smash you Okay, okay Go and send jeté off quiet, please Look with plenty of berries I actually thought it was impossible to hit it out of the ball because it’s got this skirting on the edge But God is perfectly wrong good You’ve learned Yeah Come down Yeah, good my strategy, and I’m in care if he knows this. I’m just going for in the one quick wins a good win Banking Thank you, oh, thank is open Oh Oh Boy, hey whoa – pace Guy go get up there yes Banky stanford’s one away from the wind come on you son Jack and I can do a shooter McGavin and not look you did that that would be oh my don’t do it He has lied the blocker and do with it, it’s a long way back now shooter McGavin That lady Jim is a clutch putt from going sent one away from victory in round one Stanford made spy some defense oh This is match point Nothing block five here really opens the door done that Dan needs a block I Mean it’s in stances what’s in but not where it needs to be all right finish whoo be good be a good ball Can I just add look what’s going on there? That is classy from Stanford change strategy, and I’ve now got another chance for another win number three would solve all my issues I Tell you what this game hates me get away oh hey buzz off buzz off Facebook Madonna, oh yeah, that is the block Do it yes hate himself up for a diagonal wins that’s it Finish him One two three four victory Champion of the first ever game of golf Kinect Paul Scott well played in fact we both played badly But I just played less badly now Derek Probably spends ten hours a day watching NBA fat a lot more than playing golf that is before just spend about one hour in his Life on the putting range, so we thought contest this way, okay Derek I’m gonna give him some warmups How long is it gonna take Derek to sync all of these all? 1200 yellow balls in any of those cups comment your answers and the closest or the best one will give him the bird And we’ll just we’ll just time-lapse it will we yeah time-lapse look could take a little while Round two mayhem we didn’t watch the basketball I knew you guys know what list this is both goin there’s no taking turns It’s just all guys. It’s all right here fun. Three two one and we’re off oh Boy hello was a lot going on Nope is not even looking eating Sleep lying about – I got my face on the Board’s got time I know doing the same kappa zone. Oh time out time out stop stop stop alright So this is what we’re looking at Heron in a comfy spot here three in the six Bret only two But that’s not bad in the world and that can change quickly three two one your Offices That’s on that staff is about to connect five oh wow yeah Hang on pause that pause Aaron’s just told me One point I thought I’d almost won, but Harun. I need a need to focus Number five you can win right correct number three I can win number three No number two and number two number two and number three. I win right boys No worries now all right three two guys Number three surely number three Really Trying Hey You can’t hit the thing Around three yeah obstacle mayhem time. There’s some pretty cool stuff here Scottie mate. What’s going on? Let me tell you four chunks of wood with a bar 4 on the top And Bill’s we love the anvils four bricks Anger on all sorts of different ways Derrick – just keep it a lot keep the ball alive mayhem time here We go sweet probably the most fun round. There is and behind the camera Actually this has been quite fair everyone gets the place for us right we scripted it, but we didn’t we’d really didn’t I would have Levite all three A little bit of strategy I played the mayhem last time and I got a bit hectic So I’m actually gonna slow things down slow is smooth smooth is fast I Was gonna stick to my strategy? That’s my if there’s one thing our fans like seeing it’s Scott going crazy. I’m ready to go I’m not really piping hot ready to go alright three two One go and we’re off Wouldn’t find and we’re it Had to know what’s going on here that wooden ah Hockey slaps up so my parents irons off the box Always off the back wouldn’t composure come over I Told you my strategy went out the door Oh Get away and stupid obstacle that plank is killing me Wow flying off that brick that thing that would mean that wood is absolutely oh Oh Aaron’s gone the happy gilmore slap shot via Stanford Stanford pause pause pause so Scotty’s got two in a row here in two places and Derrick has only made two three two one go How do I flip and get it in for you can’t do it back off? Yeah That’s how you get in for oh? Yeah, that’s good. Oh, you kidding me Man you could do a whole video I’m a hit in the wood All right for the way the number one ladies and gentlemen Aaron number one is standing on the edge Straight down the back of the throat all right. I like dosti like and bang. Oh, that was horrible. Oh That was the funniest thing I think he said a powered shut for the wind all right, let’s go have a look at this This thing here I heard a lot of ting ting ting I think that Stanford Did you say the finale the finish? Yeah? I did I think you know get it off The end is that popped up, and then just dropped beautifully is lucky herring credits where it’s due We’ve dissed you for not playing golf you’ve battled through the contest Challenge turns out on the Kinect for golf jet which you know ever I don’t know if you guys know this for like I’ve been winning a lot lately You want to capilla challenges without hatching stop catching water it’ll be your moment how many RC cars Have you won here? I give it. When was that do those only? Golf Connect for me We need 50,000 likes are you that general? I’m just gonna drop it right now Hey Do you want to play it because? You can it’s gonna be here the ISPs Handa world super 6 tournament here in Perth at Lake Karen up Country Club Yeah, we’re gonna be there the game’s gonna be there I want to see a giving chance as a way to win some parlors So good link in the description you want to buy some tickets so good look And if you haven’t subscribed by ridiculous right chance crack a champion yeah, I’m bored 44 Club Thanks for hanging around to the end you guys watch every second of every video You’re the best and we got videos every week mate, so we’ll see you next week. See you next week my

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