Golf Club Fitting Guide – Factors to Consider When Getting Fitted

– So now that we’ve helped
you build up a really good consistent golf swing that
hopefully is helping you improve your golf, it’s
now important that we make sure that the golf
clubs can also help you improve your golf. So when you get yourself
a set of clubs we need to make sure that they are fitting to you and the way that you swing the golf club. Everybody is an individual
and everyone needs an individual set of golf
clubs made to measure. So custom fitting is quite important. Now if you’ve already
got a set of golf clubs you can take them to your
local professional and just in a course of a process
with them, have them assessed to make sure they are
suitable to fit for yourself. And if they’re not you can
either get the clubs that you already have adjusted or
go and purchase yourself a new set of golf clubs and
have those made to measure. There’s a couple of
alterations that can be made to the golf club to make
sure that you’re swinging it nicely, you feel
comfortable with it, the club isn’t too heavy for you. Also it gets you the best impact
conditions on ball flight. So little alterations that we could make. We could change the grip
thickness, dependent on hand size. A grip that’s too small can often mean the hands are overworking,
causing a hook shot. A grip that’s too thick,
although it might feel more comfortable to have a thicker
grip, can actually cause the hands to be passive, they
under work and the ball can slice out to the right hand side. We can then look at the
length of the golf club. So how tall each golf club is. Generally speaking,
people who are taller need longer golf clubs. But, I’m six foot three,
the standard golf club is measured to a five-ten
person but, my golf clubs are only actually an inch
longer than standard. So don’t think that if you are five inches taller than standard
your golf clubs are going to be five inches longer. Cause actually relatively
speaking, the taller you are, the longer your arms are. Your wrist to floor
measurement won’t be that different from a shorter person. It’s all about making sure
the clubs are the right length for you in your
standing address position. So shaft length can change. Also shaft flex can change. That can really relate to how much power and speed you generate in your downswing for your overall club head speed. But also we can look at
the transition speed. How fast you change between your backswing and your downswing. And how much load you put into the shaft during that section. So we can look at the shaft
flex and how much that’s going to do. We can then also have a
look at the lie angle which is the angle between the
base of the head here and the shaft. Whether that’s too upright
or too flat and how that can alter in terms
of striking the golf ball. That also is affected by length. A longer golf club is pushed
out in this position so that the toe is up in the air
and the heel is on the ground. That could cause as a problem
with hooking the golf ball. Affectively if you strike
the ball slightly heavy but, you only hit the heel the
heel slows down and the toe keeps moving and you’ll hit a hook. Likewise if you have golf clubs
that are in this position, too steep here, we hit the
toe, that spins the golf club open and it cuts it out to the right hand side on that one. So it’s important that
when you get the clubs fitted for you, the
impact position allows the head to hit the floor
evenly, taking a nice even depth divot, not too deep in the toe, not too deep in the heel. So make sure that when you get your clubs sorted for you, they
do all of these checks; grip thickness, shaft length,
shaft flex, impact position coming into the golf ball. One little also change we
could make would be the swing weight making sure the clubs are nicely balanced throughout
the set, not getting too heavy at the head or
not getting too heavy in the handle end so they can move
the weight around in the shaft to make sure that the
swing weight is the same. You could also maybe
slightly altering the loft. If you are very high
hitter of the golf ball and you tend to pop the ball
up in the air too much, you can get some golf clubs
that deloft it by up to one or two degrees. A lot of people call it
tall lofting and most of the tall professionals
actually have their clubs delofted by a couple
of degrees to have the ball pop a little bit lower. For some people that
wouldn’t be relevant but, for a lot of golfers they might
find that the ball goes up a bit too high they can make
a slight alteration there. But what I would really
suggests is that you go and find you a local
professional and get them to check the golf clubs that you are using. And certainly if you are
buying a new set of clubs, insist of custom fitting.

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