– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette here, two-time PGA Teacher of
the Year award winner down here in beautiful Naples, Florida. Today we’re going to look at some of these awkward slopes and lies you have around the golf course and what are appropriate adjustments and ball positions specifically
for that, let’s see. (urban music) So today’s topic about ball
position on these odd lies was written in by David Cutch. Feel free to write in
yourself and make a request and I’ll try to get to that. If you like these videos by the way, please subscribe to the channel, we’ve got lots of content and
hopefully lots more coming. So let’s have a look
then, and let’s see today ball above feet, ball below feet. We’ll save the other
slopes for another day, let’s check it out. Okay so ball above feet, this is a pretty significant slope as well. The lie’s good, but it’s a challenge. And I’ve got about 165
yards or so to the green. A couple of points for you: number one, anytime you’re in one of these challenging side slope, up slope type situations, always try to make the
adjustments necessary or as many as you can in your setup. It’s much more difficult
to try to alter your swing, so try to make the
adjustments in your setup. The other thing is, don’t
try for normal distance. The more challenged your balance is, the more you just want
to try to stay stable and swing smoothly; solid contact is king. So remember those two
things as we get started. Now speaking of setup adjustments, let’s see what adjustments we’d make here. First thing, I might
stand a little bit taller if it’s a severe hill and maybe even lean fractionally into the
hill just for balance. But the big adjustment here is
shorten up on the golf club. Most people know this,
but they don’t shorten up nearly enough, they just wiggle
down the club a little bit. So shorten down to where you feel like your arms can go out a
pretty normal length there and that you’re not going to
stab the club into the hill. Now in terms strictly of ball position, which is one of the
questions in this video, when the ball is above your feet I wouldn’t change it a lot,
I’d leave it about like it is. However, if it’s a really severe slope, you’re probably going to find you almost have no real use of your lower body, I might play it back just a little bit because often you’ll release
the club a little bit earlier. So let’s have a little
go here, see how we do. I’ve shortened up oh,
three, four inches on that. Just going to try to make a smooth swing. (club striking) And that ball, just a little draw, it’s about five yards to
the right of the green. Let’s have a look at ball below feet. So I’d say a little bit tougher shot here with the ball below the feet. So let’s have a look at the kind of adjustments you could make here. Now unfortunately you
can’t make the club longer as you could make it
shorter on the last shot. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to make ourselves shorter, and this is a little bit tricky. What I see a lot of people do is just bend forward to get to the ball, getting themselves a little off balance. You may not fall over or anything, but I promise you at speed
you will have a tendency when that club starts picking up speed to raise back a little bit
and get yourself into balance. So the key is, whatever would be my natural setup balance points, just squash those, add angle in here, but keep the balance points the same. So I’m going to feel squashed
down in there a little bit and feel like I can get
to the ball that way. Very important as well,
if it’s fairly severe, that once you’ve gotten down in there, stay down in those balance
points through the ball if you’re going to make solid contact. Now ball position, strictly again, I wouldn’t adjust it a lot
here unless it’s a severe hill, and then again I might
move the ball slightly back just because I won’t be able
to get through it as well and I might release the club earlier. The big ball position adjustments come in the uphills and downhill shots, which we’ll get to in another video. Final thought on this one:
a lot of people wonder which way the ball tends
to curve off these slopes. There’s a very easy way to know that. It would curve the same
way as it would in a putt. So this one would curve that way. If the ball is above my feet
it would curve to the left. But it does it for a
completely different reason than it does on a putt. Let me show you a little closeup. So let’s see, why do balls tend to curve off side hill lies? Well this is an eight iron, I’ve got a little magnetic pointer on it. Any time you’re dealing
with a lofted club, and every golf club has some loft, if I get the leading edge of the club square to the target line, even with loft that’s pointed straight. But when I start to
tilt the club backwards, you can see because of the loft it also aims the club face left. Conversely when I tilt the club up, again because of the loft,
it aims the club face right. So it’s really the simple
geometry of tilting loft that makes the ball curve
off these side slopes. Well I hope you found that helpful, I hope it gives you
something to go practice. I appreciate your interest in my videos, would love to have you
subscribe to the channel, get you all kinds of free content. There’s a free course here
to give you more distance, feel free to take advantage of that. If you have a question or a comment, leave that and I’ll try to get to it. Again, I appreciate your time. (urban music)


  1. Thanks for doing this and for the name drop lol. This was well done and it's going to help a lot. Thanks again:)

  2. Golf Channel should dump Breed and Martin Hall and hire you. You are easy to understand, speak at an excellent pace and are very good at taking difficult material and making it simple, which is the hallmark of a great instructor. Thanks for taking your time and sharing your videos.

  3. Your definition of "severe" is flat compared to the problems we have in western Pennsylvania. Some lies are equivalent to a large hill

  4. I tend to block the ball off side hill lies Above my feet and pull the ball when its below my feet. What am I doing wrong?

  5. For me golf is more about limiting the bad shots than distance off the tees. Too many people make it about distance in general; golf pros, advertisers, amateurs. It makes no sense to try and kill the ball to save a stroke here and there if you keep getting in trouble; go in the woods, go in the water hazards, hit it out of bounds, etc. And once you get in trouble it helps to know exactly what to do to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. Golf is about psychology just as much as it is about technical knowledge. All it takes is one awful 10 on a hole to ruin a decent round. This is especially true for beginners and amateurs. I really don't care what people say about the game. Everyone has their own opinions and sometimes they use "statistics" to make their point. I have my own opinions based on what I like.

  6. Excellent video! I really enjoyed learning about these specialty shots in a way that makes sense. Lots of videos on youtube are either poorly explained and hard to grasp, or totally flawed in their mechanics. Refreshing that some people know what they are talking about.

  7. The ball being below your feet are the toughest shots to pull off. Easy to top them or push them way right. Always had trouble with this, but now I have a much firmer grasp of what needs to be done. Thanks!

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