Gmod dodgeball This game mode is Kind of Fun !!

Hi guys thanks for all the Support we just Hit
300 subscribers let’s not without my picture ever oh yes
never again I just keep falling off the building this is not was on your team I
switched you could switch with f2 what the hell hi
but you want you won another 30 Pat know where they gonna go to run toward the
balls myself that was just my god yo what said oh hey either pull your weight
I’m just saying you know by your performance so far Petrus Wow everyone’s dead okay what Pat you
just freaked out your Kibaki just like nothing hit you but you went flying that
happened to me earlier on this map I just flew in the air
oh yeah I think it’s that spot right there don’t go over there but I want to
go over there now hold up we finally we finally collision there may be a system
update all right or if you play now everyone’s dead hit you Wow I’m not contributing at all you know
try again am i working I mean I pressed do it again Pat try again yeah try to
get Pat we’re gonna kill what no I wouldn’t ever kill you not once
you um that’s a damn lie I’d never lie always if you have exclamation points
mark it says the exact opposite when you try it will you give it a try Pat yeah I
don’t know it doesn’t work Oh mines P we only have five points we
have we are 13 cents venomous bellowing p.m. say that in my 10th I have a few
million more in the past just not so much right now
oh right back at it pick it up yeah we you can’t hit them when they just fine you lost

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