GM Noir — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Gunn & Moore Noir. Brand new for season 2019/20. Great bat in the new Gunn & Moore range. These ones are nice and big, mid-to-low profile in these ones. Nice big high spine, big solid edges, down into that driving area where you want plenty of power. Power packed, these ones are. Not too much concaving in these, keeps it nice and full in the back to get plenty of power. So this is the Original version, we’ve got lots of versions in this. So, the Original, in a Grade 1, fantastic graining on these ones. Definitely lots of power. As all Gunn & Moore bats are, sleeved, pre-prepared, toe guarded, ready to go. Comes with the Terrain grip, so plenty of grip on them. Pick up is fantastic on these, even though they are more of that lower middle, they still pick up well. Good weights, you’re looking at 2.8 – 2.10. Obviously, the normal full size short handle, or standard blade length in these. So, that’s the Original. We’re also carrying it in a Grade 2 808, but again, all the same characteristics. So, the same shapes, nice and consistent, same spine and edge. Ready to go. Brilliant in that, in the senior versions. In the juniors, we’ve got a couple of different options — we’ve got an Original in an Academy size, so for your top-end junior, come in and get a great Grade 1 junior bat. Again, sleeved, toe guarded — but again, all the same, keeping that same shape all the way from the top end of the seniors all the way down to the juniors, the shape is all the same. They all look the same, which is fantastic. So that’s the Original in the kids, and then we’ve also got an 808 version in the kids as well. Again, so this comes from a Harrow down to a Size 6. And again, same shape, all consistent. You could line all these up and they all look exactly the same, and again, sleeved, ready to go. Come in, take one off the shelf, we’ll get it ready for you, take it out and use it the same day. So, sleeved, knocked-in, toe guarded. Brilliant bats, the Gunn & Moore Noir. Come in and check them out in-store at one of our five stores, or online at

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