Girliyapa’s Chak De! Indian Women Cricketers

After putting up a good game, the Indian women’s cricket team
has reached the semi-finals. Filled with hopes and passion, the Indian
captain Mithali and the girls are working on some strategies for
a game that’s starting in a few minutes. Ravi, wish we had access
to the dressing room to see we could’ve seen the planning
that goes on inside. Name, Butter Paneer Khan. I’m the new coach. Marketing ??
of the Indian women’s cricket team. Check it out. So, are all the player’s social media
reports ready, Ms. Krishhna? Indian women won by 186 runs
against New Zealand. Against Pakistan. Against West Indies. It’s the same
headlines everywhere. The girls played really well. Good job. Isn’t this a women’s team? Women? Where’s the glamour then? And what’s the need to cover your body
fully to play in tshirts and pajamas? Sir? The weather conditions force them to
cover themselves to avoid catching a cold. Ms. Krishna. I’ll take the final decision of which girl
plays in shorts and which one in a skirt. -So, thank you.
-Okay. Hey! Why are you tying
your hair up? Keep it open. Keep them open, keep them flying. And you! You think you have over 3000 followers
in 3 days ’cause you played well? -Yeah, sir. I actually really enjoyed…
-Wrong! You look cute. All Indian men, including me.
I mean… All Indian men are crushing on you. But it doesn’t seem to make
a difference to you. Because you’re entirely focused
on the game. You don’t do anything
beyond the feild! So, Roger Benny’s wife
has more followers than you. Do something, grab some eyeballs. Ms. Krishna, get her a tattoo
here on her hand! Butterfly. Listen to me clearly! And understand it well,
’cause I won’t repeat it. Our marketing team only requires players who first play for the brands. Then for a contraversy. And then, if there’s any life left in you play for your profile picture. But sir, we won’t ever be able
to focus on our game this way. Your names are neither heard or seen. Just one name is heard. Miss India. Followers, Stardom, brands…
The boys have it all! Learn from them, be cool. If you hit a 50 or a century, take your helmets off and celebrate
with your hair in the air. Sometimes, just like Dada,
take your tshirt off… You know what I mean? If you want to be an Ad-face,
use a blush instead of sunscreen. Keep an eye out after that. ‘Cause you’ll get so many Ads
that you won’t have time to play. Sir, we’re cricketers, we like
playing on the field, not sell products on TV. You’re from Anjum Chopra’s batch, right? You’ll retire in two years, right? What’ll you do after that? You need atleast Bhaji’s amount
of popularity to be on reality shows. You’re far from being that popular. So, create a scandal! Wardrobe malfunction. A slip in the slip position. And you, Avanthi! -You, pay attention to abusing!
-Sir, I can’t abuse anyone. Give it! Even if you can’t,
use horrible ones If they say shit, you say whore! And keep abusing till there’s enough
drama on the team. I want an article on Twitter, Instagram
and everything else! The title will be : “These girls make
you go Aww. No, Hawww! And I’ll do anything to get this Hawww… Excuse me!
Hello? You! You’ve been pretending to read
that book for a long time now! -What’s your name?
-Raj! Mithali Raj. You must’ve heard the name? I’m the captain of
India women’s national cricket team! And I’m the marketing coach
of this team! And I decide who does what and when
on this team. Oh and yeah, there can only be
one Shahrukh fan in a team. And this team’s fan, is me! Sir, you’re very good at mimicry. And no disrespect. But our semi-final match
is about to start soon. And we all need to warm-up! So it’ll be great if you could leave! Okay! I had just come to give me card. I’ve already given one, so… Okay. Oh man… Sir, you fell down! Will you get up?
Or shall I ask the girls to help you? “Chak De!”

100 thoughts on “Girliyapa’s Chak De! Indian Women Cricketers

  1. Omg!! The team just nailed it..!? just loved it???.. so nice to see that uh all r supporting the girl's cricket team.. keep supporting women's team.. ??❤

  2. Abhi to Harmanpreet Kaur ne Bhi CEAT ke Saath 2 years Ka contract Kar liya?! Shes also started marketing.Girliyapa ko ye Nahi dikhega obv.??

  3. The reality is women's cricket sucks compared to men's cricket. It is true for all the sports. That's why they do not get the attention from the sponsors, people.

  4. Awesome vedio?Acting is so powerful that SRK,Mithali Raj, Jhoolan goswami n Harmanpreet could be recognised easily??

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