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My name is Mangesh Ganpatrao Kadam I’ve always been a cricket fan, and I’ve been the memory of every match played. Right from my childhood I was passionate about cricket. One day I decided to keep wickets, too close to the stumps, and… lost my ‘sight screen’. In other words, I lost my vision. I retired hurt, but I didn’t retire. Since then India has played 1272 matches, and I haven’t missed a single one. Every low, every high, I’ve seen through Suresh’s eyes. My son, Suresh. Be it Adelaide or Sydney, Oval or Wankhede, we were first at the ground.  In 83, I watched the impossible come true. Saw Kapil’s toothy grin and tears of joy in my eyes. On a Colour TV, there’s so much I’ve watched. One dayers being played at night. Shastri driving without a license. Suresh told me
India wears the colour of the sky… sky blue. I felt happy hearing that. And happier, wearing it. One fine day,
I watched a miracle being born. “How old is he?” “16” “16?” “16” I watched Azhar’s amazing wristwork, Kumble’s fast slow bowling, Dravid’s forward defense. I even watched India learn to field. In a few years, Indian cricket grew up so fast, just like Suresh.  And I started to see all kinds of things. Helicopter shot, 6 sixes in an over, a third umpire. Then the day finally arrived… when Suresh had to start an innings of his own, his own little partnership. After all, how long will
I keep going? Maybe now it’s time for me to retire. Now I guess only the sky
will wear my sky blue. “Oh that was so close.” “Who’s that?” “I don’t think he grounded the bat,” “I think his bat is in the air.” “Dravid???” “Mr. Kadam” “It’s been referred to the third umpire.” “But the fielders are confident, sir.” “This is… unbelievable.” “No, sir, you are unbelievable.” “May I watch this tournament with you?” I’ve watched cricket all my life, I think I’ll watch a little longer… 

100 thoughts on “Gillette – The Best a Fan Can Get | Gillette India Cricket Best Moments

  1. touched..!! fans like u keep the spirit up and alive..!! Sir u raised all bars and standards proud to be a fan of Indian Cricket Team..!! "Lift the cup  Men In Blue"

  2. Just wow…man wow….
    No words to express how deep this tvc inspired me…
    Had goosebumps when Dravid said… NO SIR, YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE… salute to that person and his son also for taking care of his dad so well

  3. Tad emotional… but that's how we are… specially about Cricket…. India aasman ka rang pehnataa hain… Guys who ever made this ad.. the whole team… A salute from a [Now] dead cricket fan of the 90s 

  4. Rahul Dravid is such a great human being…If he ever lacked anything in his batting skills,he filled that up with his amazing personality…I have a man-crush on him 😀

  5. Dravid & that too in a ad after long tym. I really miss those golden era when dravid,sachin,kumble,javagal used to play together….

  6. Tears rolled down while watching this beautiful video, no one could've captured the emotions more aptly. Hats off to Gillette and thank you for surprising us with Rahul's cameo at the end, it was a master stroke! 🙂 

  7. I got goosebumps while watching this video .. I could not dare to skip the ad.
    Amazing work done GILLETTE !
    "The best an AD can be " : )

  8. Got goosebumps realizing that I am also a fan just like him… It's new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life, For me…
    And I'm feeling good…. India India India…

  9. What a great commercial. We adore, worship, love cricket here in India. Gillette has captured all that and a tad bit more in this ad. Really liked it 🙂

  10. My eyes became moist after watching this video…Being a die hard cricket fan it touched my heart and I became very emotional. .Hats off who ever made it. .A game which connects us

  11. heart warming story but a stupid ad, nothing to do with the product. Ad makers need to stop making these short films for awards

  12. Mangesh Ganpatrao Kadam or in real life Yashodhan Bal …. your journey from  Nayak to Gillette has been amazing . Congratulations. It a great performance!!….. and great adv.

  13. best add i have ever seen……..heart touching…..
    it left a little drop of tears in my eyes after watching this add…..
    common INDIA u have to win word cup for these true fans………

  14. This is the 1st ad that i just couldn't skip to watch a video i was supposed to watch, watching it again, great fan great game…

  15. Glad i didnt skip this Ad and wow it so touching and real surprise was at the end RAHUL DRAVID wow I just luv u Dravid and this Ad too

  16. This ad swirls up your emotions. This is one of the best I have seen lately. Kudos to the creative team because this one really touches the cricket fans and above all it is so aptly timed with world cup going on. This stuff is awesome.

  17. Brilliant stuff…captures all the highs of Indian cricket in one poignant emotional story. Heart warming

  18. I was opening a YouTube video while this ad started playing. I just watched it casually and did not skip even though 'skip' button had started to showing up. The ad was engaging, And to my pleasant surprise Rahul Dravid came at 3:02. God it was icing on cake! Kudos to the ad maker.

  19. Sometimes, it is not about the product, Sometimes its not about the sales, Its about the connect.  I might not use their products for whatever reasons, but I will definitely have an positive emotion regarding the brand. The more human the Brand, the better will its Brand value be. Every time you will see an advertisement around cricket, you will remember this ad and remember the brand.. @Gillette India !! kudos

  20. Thank you for making this ad Gillete India. My grandfather is the biggest fan of cricket i've ever known and he's the one who got me to love it right from my childhood. I'm 20 now but he passed away when i was 13, and it heavily reminded me of him. He showered a lot of love and affection on me but i think one of his best gifts to me was the love of cricket. This ad is a symbol of his love for the same and hence the thank you 🙂

  21. I'm from the United States, do not watch cricket, and am not Indian American, but even I'm crying. There is so much joy in my heart it hurts. Such a beautiful video. Thank you so much for creating this and honoring Mr. Kadam.

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