Giant Ping Pong 3

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have the final match of Giant Ping Pong! We have both beaten Miikka So now it’s time
for me and Emil go head-to-head! Let’s go! I thought that you were going around the net! Run, run, run! Good try! Wow! There is a hole in the racket! Sorry! It hit the edge. Good match! I think it was Otto’s backhand that was a bit too powerful for me today. Yeah, you had to run a lot because of it. Yeah There is still 78 percent of you guys who have not subscribed to our channel So remember to do that here! And watch the previous episodes there! Until next time!

72 thoughts on “Giant Ping Pong 3

  1. You should make it the same size as a tennis court use a tennis ball and tennis racquet and play with the rules of tennis

  2. Мне очень нравится ваш контент!!! Кто русский ставьте лайк

  3. This looks so much more fun than regular Ping Pong. Kinda takes the good parts of ping pong and tennis and combines them together!

  4. Nice idea, guys. The giant tennis really looks better then table tennis and simple tennis by their own. I want also to try a giant table tennis but our gym is too small for that! 🙁 Like you guys! Keep the good and fun work. And good luck on champs!

  5. Never thought a channel about table tennis would be so entertaining. I watch the entire video completely even though I don’t play table tennis !

  6. Otto's control and feel for the ball is insane, he can literally go from thumping a forehand/backhand to playing a cheeky angle. op

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