Get Ready for IU Volleyball

Indiana Volleyball has
been around since 1983, which was 16 years before my boy
Romeo Langford was even born. Remember where we used
to watch IU volleyball? You know, off campus, leaky roof,
no parking, uncomfortable, not somewhere you wanted
to spend your Friday night. And you probably didn’t,
because you probably just never went. Fast forward to 2019, we moved to a new home, Wilkinson Hall. [MUSIC] Which is right next to the Simon Skjodt
Assembly Hall and the Memorial Stadium. It’s on campus, there’s tons of parking,
and the roof is, thankfully, leak free. [SOUND] Being a volleyball fan is easy. Every home game is free for
students, staff, faculty, and if you’re not one of those,
don’t worry about it. Tickets are only 7 bucks each, which is probably cheaper than
that lunch you had earlier. [SOUND] Watching these ladies work
is as easy as one, two, three. One, park in the parking
lot right by the building. If you don’t see the building,
you’re in the wrong place. Or if you’re already on campus,
take a freaking A bus. Two, show the lovely lady, or
gentlemen, the ticket on your phone. Or just show your Crimson Card. Three, Come on inside and find a seat. If you’re a student, you’re looking for
the student section. Just look for
the dancing bananas and cockroaches. Don’t ask us why, just accept it. On your way in, you may find
yourself detouring to the tailgate. Do that. [MUSIC] Make friends, dance to music pumped
up by the DJ, sing your heart out. Never watched a volleyball game live? Get ready. Some sports you may watch,
I’m not naming names, can take forever for a team to score one point. In volleyball, there’s a point
made almost every ten seconds. You’re also watching one of if not
the best volleyball conferences in the entire country.>>More power baby!>>More power baby!>>More power baby!>>More power baby! [SOUND]
>>Olympians are made in this conference, so you know what that means. We’re talking H-Y-P-E HYPE! It’s high energy, it’s fast. You’re so close,
you can feel the ball bypass your face. Maybe not that close, but we’re not lying when we tell you you’re
right in the game with these ladies. We haven’t forgotten about you mom and
dad, kids are some of our biggest fans. And we welcome them with open arms. Bring them here where they can
scream as loud as they want and burn off some of that never-ending energy. If you ever need something
to do on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, maybe even Wednesday night,
we’re here for you. Volleyball games are never rained out. So you don’t even need to buy that
clear poncho you never wanted. Grab your friends, your family or
even your neighbors. It’s time to make noise,
create memories and start a tradition. We’ll see you at Wilkinson Hall, Hoosiers.

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