Get More Distance – Should You Lift Your Heel in Your Golf Swing?

in this video we’re gonna talk about our
our heel to to lift or not to lift I guess that’s the question let’s do it okay so we’re trying to figure out this
left heel should we lift it or should we not a lot of guys on tour some do some
don’t matthew wolf you saw him amateur kills
the ball he does Bob Watson does Phil Mickelson does a little bit old-school
guys like Jack Nicklaus those guys lifted the heel we’re gonna talk about
the pros and the cons of both and what you might want to consider when it comes
to your golf swing and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please do that
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so now we’re going to talk about the heel and we’re gonna look at some some
of the numbers too with that here’s we’re gonna do I got the swing caddy SC
300 brand new I checked it out at the PGA Show and for consume consumer
affordability in terms of a launch monitor this little dude is spot-on I
compared it to some of the twenty thirty thousand dollar launch monitors out
there and this was spot-on so non sponsored but you know I’ll leave
a link below for this thing to it’s like 500 ish so it’ll be giving us the
numbers today let’s go okay so you’ve seen these two swings
here’s I know he’ll first pretty standard common swing now here’s
using your heel getting the heel off ground okay so we’re talking about those
two those two swings well pros and cons let’s figure it out okay so I’m using uh
using this for all our numbers syncs up with your phone I’ll do a full review on
this another time but for now I’m just gonna give you the
numbers okay so here’s how this is going to work I’m gonna hit three balls
lifting my heel then three balls with my heel on the ground and gonna rotate
every three shots I’m gonna give you all the numbers to break down as we go
alright see or after we go whatever I’m gonna get all this number so you can see
the benefits of lifting the heel and keeping versus keeping it on the ground
okay let’s say you’re somebody who sways a lot like this okay what lifting the
heel is going to do is allow you to move more around your body as opposed to back
and forth watch this see if you’re swaying back like this off the ball and
then you lift that heel we want to stay on the toe as you lift that heel just
right like this boom with your knee going more straight over your foot maybe
just inside but you don’t want your need to really come you don’t want to be here
okay straight out this need this way just as smooth we got it over 100 miles
an hour swing speed so that’s just lifting my heel just a little bit check
it out so I’m getting a little bit more club head speed just in right off the
bat just by lifting that heel up it caused me to rotate around my body and
not so much this way and that way you just have to make sure you do it the
right way up here not here it’s all the charge so now I’m gonna
just put my foot on the ground keep it there
and see what happens now now this will be for people who get it who have a
tendency to over swing you swing way too hard you have it you’ve got plenty of
club head speed but now you need to just get a little more accuracy let’s keep
that foot on the ground and kind of keep our our feet and our base a little more
quiet pretty good I’m hitting it very solidly my club heads being dropped a
couple miles an hour already just by keeping that foot on the ground and but
it helps tighten things up a little bit give you a little more accuracy so so
much of this is just kind of personal preference and what feels comfortable
for you but if you’re looking for for more control if you’re an over swinger I
highly recommend making sure that foot stays on the ground throughout the
entire swing but if you want to get a little extra little extra pop a little
extra distance you get to a hole you’re like I need a little more and you’re not
so worried about the accuracy you’re like hey if I’m gonna be crooked I want
to be long crooked now short crooked you might want to consider letting it heal a
bit okay let’s talk about these numbers here
I love this swing caddy by the way boys caddy swing caddy things amazing really
dials into numbers so here’s what we have to learn from the heel up versus
heel down and notice my first three swings the the club head mile-an-hour
speed was around a hundred miles an hour 102 my first three swings that’s with my
heel up then I kept my heel down on four five and six one hundred ninety seven
ninety nine so not bad but then I put my heel up again and it went up to a
hundred and three miles an hour on average of over the next three swings
and then when I drop brought my heel down again we’re dropped we’re back down
to ninety nine ninety six and a hundred so much lower but then we look at my
smash factor numbers when I have my heel up on those first three swings I mean
the second one was really good but but then on swings four five and six I mean
my 1.50 smash factor that’s pretty fantastic and then heel up again it
drops down I put my heel on the ground and my smash factor goes up so I’m
making better contact with my heel on the ground when I’m getting a lot more
swing speed with my heel up so if I want more distance I’m gonna lift that heel
up and really swing I got you can really feel your body moving you get your lower
body engaged and involved in your swing you can definitely increase your club
head speed but certainly my carry distance was affected and when I hit it
solidly obviously with more club head speed the ball goes a lot farther so if
you’re if you want some more distance and you’re not afraid of of being a
little more crooked or hitting a little bit worse shots then you might want to
go ahead and lift that heel off the ground but if you really are playing a
tight course or you have a tendency to spray the ball and you want to keep that
heel down on the ground and firmly planted help rain things in a little bit
little slower swing speed but a lot more control so if you have
plenty of Swing speeding your buddies are always telling you dude then you
swing like a animal then you might want to say let me just make sure they heels
on the ground things are planted firmly but if you’re suffering for distance and
you want a little extra a little extra pop I would practice getting that heel
off the ground and it really helps you get your hips moving around instead of
side to side so if you saw your swear you want to lift that heel up with that
knee coming over your toe slightly inward but not sideways you won’t want
your knee moving this way kind of keep it going straight up like your gas pedal
so lift that up and then slam it down and as you turn as you hit that heel
down you’re gonna rotate a lot more and get a lot more swing speed a lot more
rotation comment below let me know if you’d like to lift a heel or keep it on
the ground I personally keep it on the ground but I might now on some of those
other holes get it get it going a little bit extra or just
alright so hope this helps thanks for watching love you guys peace out
see you next video

44 thoughts on “Get More Distance – Should You Lift Your Heel in Your Golf Swing?

  1. I lift my heel to help me make the turn in my backswing. I was a big time swayer and that lifting the heel helped me. Might not look "correct" or pretty but it helps me keep it in play.

  2. Great video, love your videos! Yea, I lift my heel a little on my drives. But I try to stay planted with my irons. It works for me. I have the old swing caddy. I can't wait for the review on the new one.

  3. Harvey Penick said to lift the heel if needed! I lift my heel sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Some people think it is a swing flaw but they are just repeating something someone told them. Lift the heel and "turn baby, turn" is my way!

  4. That is the best explanation I've ever seen for heel lift. I suffer from reduced swing speed due to a fused right ankle so I can"t turn through properly . When I've lifted my heel in the past, I have done it exactly the way you said is wrong ! Looking forward to the results !

  5. I'll try the heal today I play off 10 but I'm not very long off the tee o will keep you informed cheers Mr short game

  6. Ive got the swing caddie SC200 — its the best launch monitor for its price on market —-PERIOD.
    However , one thing I've noticed is that it tends to under clock on swings over 95mph. Its really great for dialing your wedges as long as you maintain your clubs loft angle through impact ie dont open the face or move the ball back in your stance and try to punch it.

  7. I lift my heel. It is a habit I brought over from my baseball days. It just feels more natural to me. If I try to NOT lift the heel, my swing feels forced and I tend to overthink. We all know what happens after that…..

  8. wow, this works for me with good results. I realized if I put the hell down before the down swing starts, the distance is 10-15% greater than my previous average. Thanks for your great tips.

  9. How do I stay on my heels in my downswing? I’m always on my toes at impact, heels in the air. It’s killing me and I haven’t been able to fix it! Hitting the ball way high as well.

  10. I think tiger was one of the first to get everyone keeping the heel down. I played like that. My swing seems to be all upper body. Cant wait for the range to open and try lifting my heal. Baseball players do it too.Thanks mrsg

  11. DO WHAT BEST FOR U!!!!! And WORKS FOR U!!!!… best thing I ever tried lifting my left heel. I was steep on downswing and this movement helped me feel weight going first, and I hit it much straighter!!!

  12. I found keeping my left heel down and feeling like I was pushing away from it in the backswing helped my accuracy amazingly well,,,,yes it lost me a few yards but it shortened my swing (which was a bad over-swing) a lot.

  13. I keep my heel planted to maintain the accuracy – I find that keeping my hips & legs tight with no sway & minimum rotation in the backswing results in much more constancy. In the forward swing I have been getting good results with a mini squat and jump to finish on my toes (weird, right?, but I like it)

  14. I just want to be able to drive the ball straight, consistently every time. I always feel like i correct something but create another issue

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