George Will: Say goodbye to football. Baseball is the true American pastime.

I only write about politics to support my baseball habit, which every year becomes more intense and more fun. One thing to understand about baseball is it’s very old. There’s a reference in the diary of a soldier at Valley Forge to playing a game of base. Base ball was two words for a very long time. Wrigley Field. Fenway Park. They’re older than the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Supreme Court building, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam. Veterans of the Civil War, men who’d been at Chickamauga and Antietam and Gettysburg went to see games in Wrigley Field. So first of all, enjoy baseball because it’s woven, as very few institutions are, into the entire history of the country. Also it’s just about to ascend once again because we’re done with the nonsense about the NFL being America’s great pastime. The NFL’s viewership is down on television. More and more Americans are beginning to realize because of the concussion problem that the human body is simply not made for football, and therefore, a lot of the kind of talent that used to be good at baseball and good at football and chose football is going to rethink that. And these kind of talented young athletes are going to come back to baseball, and baseball will resume its rightful place as the, definite article the, national pastime.

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  1. Hey Football is not gone. Only if players Stop using their Heads and their Shoulder Pads they don't use. You see one's using their Helmets and Head to inflict damage to others.. That is the problem all along. Only if they used they upper body that helmet. Where are their Arms? The NFL is making this change for Safety and them. If Players can't tackle they should not be in the game. It's for them dumb heads…

  2. Yeah, the league that’s 30% foreign players, the highest in its history, is the most “American” of sports. I guess in a way he’s right. Thank god for third world poverty!

  3. I think one of three things is likely to happen:
    1. Football will get safer- changes in rules, it may not appear like it does today.
    2. Baseball will get shorter- like crickets 20/20 saved the sport, so too would 20/20 baseball (each team gets 20 at bats, game over)
    3. Basketball continues to grow and takes the lead. I have my money on Basketball, but I think it could go through some changes too. Height leagues, like boxing weight classes, to excite more short people to play, and grow the chances of acrobatic dunks!

  4. George is right, football is not a sport, it is a military exercise designed around rugby & war (a British game). Basketball was invented by a Canadian as was hockey. Baseball was invented by an American and is a true sport that relies heavily on skill (mental and physical). You don't defeat your opponent by kicking the shit out of them. You out pitch, out think, out catch & outrun them (no concussion required). Your opponent goes home in one piece.

  5. Baseball is old but not necessarily fun to watch….or to play. America needs newer, better team sports. We all know how tedious soccer is despite being such a global thing. Hockey is corny. NFL football is basically just handegg. I was kind of hoping Slamball took off, heh.

  6. Sadly, in this case Mr. Will and I agree. It is a matter of facing reality. In the case of the NFL I did not want to see the differences that made the NFL to have to deal with when the merger with the AFL took place 50 years ago. Lamar Hunt and others had correctly developed a more interesting game with its innovations and with the greater competitiveness and increased opportunity for players. Jack Kemp and Cookie Gilchrist got me interested at age 13 when my father was stationed by the U.S. Air Force at Niagara Falls. on New Years Day 1965 Joe Namath lead his U. of Alabama team against Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Texas won but the New York Jets made a better proposal than the Cardinals of the NFL thus guaranteeing a Namath appearance if the Jets won a Super Bowl before a merger. The Vietnam War had me back in Alabama when my father was ordered to the region in his 14-15th year of service. The local NBC affiliate in Chattanooga carried most of the Jets' games.Namath became the starting quarterback after the first few games and showed why he has been considered an NFL level quarterback.

  7. Baseball is great, but Will ever the conservative is again confusing nostalgia for prediction. Football (soccer) will take over America especially after the 2026 world cup

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