Geneseo Volleyball V. Pitt Bradford

[Crowd Cheering]
I think we didn’t have any room to come in and think that this was going to be easy for
us at all. Pitt-Bradford is a good team, they’re in a
good conference, they had a good first two weeks of the season so, they’ve played tough
teams just like we have. So this was a match where we’ve had a tough
week of practice, we had some tough losses over the weekend that we had to come in not
expecting to wipe the floor with anybody. We had to come in playing tough and we did
an awesome job of doing that. [Crowd Cheers]
Abby May is an opposite side hitter for us and she, this is her first year that she gets
to play solely on the opposite. Last year she was outside and a middle and
an opposite and everything we needed her to be so finally left her in her home as the
opposite. And I think she had a career night, that’s
fantastic. She hit above .500 I think at least two or
three of the sets which is fantastic. [Crowd Cheers]
We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. You know you ride the wave and you enjoy the
win and then you move on and you get in the gym tomorrow and we’ve got two tough matches
on Friday, Morrisville and Gallaudet, and then we’ve got our first SUNYAC weekend looking
further ahead to next weekend, so we’re just keep doing what we’re doing. Getting in the gym and working hard until
we’re here, and then tomorrow it’s got to be here and the next day it’s going to be
here. So, it’s great and we love the win but now
it’s time to get in the gym and keep working. [Crowd Cheers]

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