Gel vs Foam // Impact Bat // Saddlemen

This is an actual slab of saddle gel removed
from the saddle seat. This is a picture your favorite winding road
and a glass frame and its part of our test to see how Saddlemen’s Gel-Core Technology
handles some of the jarring harsh impacts the road can deliver. A glass picture frame would never stand a
chance against a baseball bat just like your tailbone doesn’t stand a chance against that
pothole you hit at 60 miles an hour. But when the impact is absorbed by Saddlemen’s
Gel-Core Technology your picture and your tailbone are protected when you conduct the
same impact test with a slab of foam that you find the most stock and aftermarket motorcycle
seat it’s easy to see, when it comes to absorbing impact, foam will fail. For the ride you deserve Saddlemen Seats with
Gel-Core Technology.

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