GCU Baseball Rolls In WAC Tourney Opener – Kona Quiggle Post Game

– [Reporter] Now tell me,
what does it feel like to get that first WAC
Tournament win in here? – Oh, it’s huge. We come out and we set the tone. Pitching, defense, hitting. It was awesome, a good
way to start the week. – [Reporter] Walk me through
those two home runs today. – [Kona] They’re both off three pitches. I was just tryin’ to stay on ’em, and just trying to get
a good pitch to hit. And see something in
the middle, and I did. And it worked out for the best. – [Reporter] What do you
think the team’s approach was today? – [Kona] Hit the ball
hard, play good defense, and I mean, we’re so good
that we play like that, we’re gonna win. – [Reporter] What’s the
plan in between games now? – Just gonna get some
sleep, eat a lot of food, and get ready for tomorrow,
one day at a time.

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