GCU Baseball: First Practice

(peppy music) – Got some good energy,
cause it’s day one. The trick will be able
to sustain that energy, obviously as we move further in the fall. We got a lot of young
freshmen that are coming in, they’re going to compete
for positions on the field. We’ve got a really different
look to our pitching staff, but I’m excited, I’m excited
about the opportunity that’s going to present itself
for a lot of our newcomers. Well I think fall, you’re
working on the fundamentals, I mean you’re always
working on the fundamentals, but we’ve go to try to
simplify it as best we can. We can’t get too tricky. Like I said, this is a whole,
it’s a big roster turnover, and so, I think that we’ve
got to just commit to playing good baseball and right
now, right behind you there got wheelbarrows and jackhammers and so they’re going to
bring those seats down. We got rid of those temporary
white seats that were setting, you know, behind home
plate and down the lines. So they’re going to bring
that whole seating structure down on the field. It will give our fans a really
good view, a field view, as they get closer to the
players, closer to the field. We feel like we’ve got a nice WAC season. Anytime that you can go out
and you compete every weekend, in the conference is good and the fact that we did that well, but you’re right, now it’s time to get
over that hump we got. Obviously we didn’t
have a very good finish, and that’s baseball. When you get into the post-season
it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just about being able
to compete in that moment, but right now we’re worried about today. (peppy music)

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