GCU Baseball Baby Pictures #3

(energetic music) – That looks like Marc Mumper. – Geez! – Who is that? – Is this one Brock? – Infield or outfielder? (laughs) – I’m not too sure about this one. – It’s tough. – Our outfielders are
Nate, Quin, Pav, Brock. – It looks just like me! – Do I know him? Is he on the team? – I literally have no clue. (laughs) – Is this Kona? – It’s Kona. – Let’s go with, Kona. – [Man] Yeah. – Yeah! – Oh I’m struggling now. – Is it Kona? – Oh that’s Kona Quiggle, that’s easy. – Ah, who is this one. – I named all the outfielders. – This one’s Kona. – [Man] Yeah. (laughs) – That’s my roommate right there. Wow. Still a righty at bat.

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