Yo guys, what’s going on and welcome to another football challenge with… Manny! We don’t know what this is actually Oh, Wow This is your time… Just do it! Yeah, you are so dead This is the Garden Challenge. We’ve done the Indoor Challenge and uh I won that one so now it’s Manny’s turn to get revenge I’m gonna win And I got my voice back Anyways, there are 3 challenges today There is the Crossbar challenge, Penalty shootout, and 2 touch keepy ups First up is the crossbar challenge. So we’re gonna have 5 attempts each to hit the crossbar. Whoever gets the most wins. 1, 2, 3, Show! 1, 2, 3, Show! You’re first? Yeah! Read that! Really? That’s awful, go and get the ball. Go get it Can you do better than me though? Can’t do worse! Like that! That was worse That wasn’t worse Time to go fishing boys Guys, it’s really hard to get Don’t do that! Don’t be that guy! Bend it down if I go to hit *Screams* Oh, no! Double checking my back now Oh! I slipped! Wow! What’re you doin’? Putting you off Why are you fingering the goal? Your what… I don’t even know Nah! (lick me?) Oh, that was like so top bins though if that’d had hit it *Groaning* *Shocked Noises* Alright, I can do this You serious?!? Yo, if these were penalties, I reckon you’d be scoring them I know! Why are you… This is attempt number 4, Manny. No pressure I’m confident in this one So confident… Yo, if that was even a little bit to the left, that hit! If I hit this, I win Jürgen, sign me up! Jürgen, sign me up! *Scream* *Laughing* Why did you run? Because I thought you were gonna attack me I was giving you a contract man Challenge number 2 is penalties. 1 step penalty, keeper on his knees. Not in that way Manny 5 penalties each. I go first this time, he went first last time Alright Good, that’s a…. No, no, no, no. So… *Laughs*… so That’s what you get Nah! That bird beeped as soon as you went to take the penalty Yeah, that’s what it is That was a… that was worse than mine This is the Roberto Carlos pen I’m only allowed one step. I’m only allowed one step That was a sick save! I went the wrong way I went that way Alright, 1-0 to Manny Ready? Yeah! Nah honestly I don’t know what’s goin’ on Me and Cal were doing this earlier and we were scoring everywhere… No! I don’t remember that. I don’t remember… Hey! Ah, please don’t score I need to win something I hit that straight down the middle *Laughing* Manny! Manny! Stop blowing! Ahhh no… Damit! That was a sick pen Composure That was a sick pen Final penalty each If I miss, I lose. He’s 2-1 up That was in! That was in! That was definitely in I don’t know The judge rules… It’s good!!! Yeeeees I let him have that one If I score this, I win! What was that!?! Have you not noticed how long I am *Scream* *Laughing* Sudden Death! Oh my God! Whaaaat! How? That safe and penalty Yeeeeees! Manny, if you miss, you lose Huh? If you miss you lose Oh! It’s in, it’s good Yeah, it’s in Did you just no look that? A little bit Oh, he’s going quick now Woah! Oh! Oh he’s missed He got arrogant I got angry. It was anger That’s 1-1. Final challenge, keepy ups Panna! *Laugh* So the final challenge to decide a winner is the 2 touch keepy up challenge We each have 2 touches. Whoever drops it first loses We have 3 lives each Alright. You ready? Yeah Ok Oh left foot Ah, ah, oooh yes Yees! That’s one life gone Oh. Oooooh 1, 2 Ah! 10! Oooh! I’m pretty sure that was 3 Aaah! It was, it was! A little knick there Why are you so good at this? Damn! It’s only my right foot *Scream* That’s only one touch Manny has one life left If I win this one, I win the entire challenge Can we get your thoughts before this final? Final life! Focus! Gameplan! Gameplay! Gameplay? What’s he on about Right, this ain’t helpin’ Winner! Go! Drop it. Damit Simon Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! No, no, no, no, nah! This is what it’s come down to. Good Luck! Nah! Woah! Nah! Leave it! Nah, nah! Don’t, no don’t Stop! Ok Huh! Go! This is too tense. I don’t like it! I don’t like this So… Yeah slow it down Slow it down. You don’t know where it’s going now You don’t know what’s going on What’s going on? I’m gonna speed it up, yeah! What’s going on? I’ll let you get away with that one Well, you kind of pinged it at me Yeah, I know Oh wait! Ok Keep it going. We’re still going! I couldn’t of got that. I couldn’t of got that I think we need a judges decision Judges decision? And the winner of the outdoor football challenge Goes too… Simon!!! No! Damit again Yaaay! Oh no! I took that like a man So that is all for the garden challenge football Thank you very much, Manny For being involved Make sure you check out his links in the description Also, huge thank you to Cal Make sure you check out Cal in the description No. This is where Cal’s meant to put it onto the crossbar Make sure you check out Cal as well and subscribe to both of them… For more top quality content Thank you guy for watchin’ and see ya’


  1. I’m so addicted to watching these videos! Simon is so good ? the keepy up challenges always give me anxiety ?

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