Game Recap: Harvard Football vs. Howard

two of the nation’s most iconic and
influential schools meet on the gridiron for the very first time a combined 272
years of football tradition collide in Cambridge as the Harvard Crimson hosts
the Howard Bison. The give Darrington big hole but it closes quickly still keeping
those legs churning and he’s into the end zone touchdown Harvard. Another block
this one rolls into the end zone and the Crimson recover touchdown Harvard. Second
and goal another low snap Darington going to the right side of the line
trying to push his way through but he’s in touchdown. Instead it’s Darrington
cutting up and scores for the third time. Watson in motion Borguet again right
side works through one still on his feet and he’s over the goal line Aidan Borguet
the end zone and Harvard’s dominance on the ground continues. To the air Watson
has blocking BJ Watson touchdown. He gets the ball had a big hole to hit
and he will go all the way to the house. 59 yards DeMarcus Stratford a 3 TD day for the
sophomore. Bison need to get to the three fourth down to the endzone tip drill Cornwell
touchdown. It’s the 700th and tenth game at Harvard Stadium the first time
they’ve ever played Howard and an HBCU ends up being a 62-17 win for the

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