Game Grumps Animated – Football – by The Smash Toons

do you believe it I don’t know what goddamn thing about the picketing the games big yeah all right well you do know this very basic thing with football to run to the guy with the ball and beat the shit out of the muggy day long to beat the shit well haha what fucking flying hug wasn’t good enough I fucking went in for a deep hug you did that’s not what it’s not I should just call it gallant fat no it’s not football I don’t know it’s run just go I’m going go I’m going because your entire army on me that’s not fair okay alright okay I’m throwing to that okay okay all right you’ve decided to run private I don’t know what the fuck is going on doing it hang on uh uh you definitely don’t want to go backwards because that little chat man with my buddy we’re frightened but fighting the progress we’re playing your I’m talking about hugging and dancing your West Side Story is my football god damn and care about your football why did you want to do the cha-cha with that guy he has a ball he’s not going to be able to do it well not a good choice man we understandable gonna pass oh thank you for letting those re now that’s a run no I didn’t know

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Football – by The Smash Toons

  1. when i clicked on this i thought it was gonna be a game grumps animated of european football… or just football anywhere but america… and some parts of australia

  2. Everyone is all over Dan's hair being just like Goku's, but no one is noticing that Arin doesn't have a nose just like Krillin. Truly genius.

    Also, I would love to see a DBZ fan comic in this style.

  3. All football terms you need to know.

    The pigskin game.
    Fucking flying hug.
    Deep hug.
    Little cha-cha dance.

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