Game 15 Wheaton Post-Game Press Conference: 2017 NCAA DIII Baseball Mid-Atlantic Regional

first of all I want to congratulate
Shenandoah you know 41 and 10 I mean quality came well coached well
run I mean I just can’t say enough good things about them
first of all and then secondly you know I just told my team is one of the best
baseball games I’ve ever been a part of and I’ll go out on a limb and as far as
myself with coach 950 games at the college level and as the best pitching
performance I’ve ever seen on three days rest 140 pitches he wouldn’t let me take
him out I didn’t do a thing I just sat back and watch him go outstanding Joey
called a great game form it makes you realize how insignificant you are a
coach some kind of a player’s game I mean it was all or nothing we’re down
to our last game we could go we weren’t even thinking about playoffs here we are
one three took a tough loss yesterday and just came out and competed today trust my catcher Joe and all day to make pitches everyone was trying to stay loose and
play the game the same way we did the rest of the year keep making pitches keep competing huh as always trusting my catcher he throws a hell of the game every time so we’ve is hands off it was great
pitches second kind of do what got us there work now far for work again
now hold on if you have to make a I was hoping he didn’t make me have to make a decision well you know it’s kind of a surprise
but we were getting into consideration for the regional we had literally shut it down after our
last regular season game ranked ninth in the region no chance in heck that
we’re going to get in and then some things happen with conference tournament
we got better by standing around and next thing you know we’re ranked six
they’ve all right with the conference tournament is going to have a shot and
things felt right get out here and so you know we’re gonna
kind of look at it the same way it’s like I mean we the reason we’re here and
I said this on a previous game the men we’re here is because of the schedule we
played and at least one thing I can open experience is that the teams that we
will see in Appleton are all very good but no different from what we’ve been
seeing the regular season and during this regional Mid-Atlantic just keep going and playing baseball

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