Gallaudet 2018 Football Preview

[Instrumental Music] Hello. My name is Timel Benton. Quarterback for Gallaudet University. This year, we are looking forward to an awesome year. We have 10 starters coming back. So we are excited for that. We are looking to finish off what we left last year. And it is going to be a great year. Hello. My name is Mason Gooch. I play linebacker. I am a junior at Gallaudet University. Our focus is one game at a time. All players are more experienced. We want more fans, more support, it will be a fun year. There are 10 starters back on offense. There are 10 starters back on defense. All good team chemistry. Hello. My name is Ken Peters. I play DE for Gallaudet University football. It’s a mostly senior group this year. For many of us this is our last chance to play college-level football. Who knows what will happen after college; some may join a semi-pro league, others may never play again. That’s why it’s vital to chase the wins this year, and go farther than ever before. It’s truly a make-it or break-it year. There’s no time for excuses, no time for stories. We must push ourselves harder than before in our final year. Hi. My name is Tony Libit. I’m a linebacker here at Gallaudet University. All of us understand the system better. We are all improving from last year, really the last four years. So, it has been an improvement. There are no excuses of why we can’t win more games this year. I am excited. It should be a positive year.

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