Gabe Grubbs | Baseball Youth | Swing Breakdown

Hey everyone this is JK from the
Baseball Rebellion. I’m here to give you this week’s baseball youth player to
watch. Gabe Grubbs with a big hit here and fantastic swing and just really good
from the get-go. So, he’s got a nice, you know, got a good base. Here we’ll put all
the way through one time, okay everybody got excited there. Big hit in a big
situation, I’ll imagine and he does a great job of just using his body, which
you’ll see and very common with incoming with a lot of the guys you see here on
this and you know the first thing is pretty simple, he has a nice little rock
back move lets the bat up prepares it as I say a hundred times a day you’re only
as good as you prepare and nice move forward too. So, it doesn’t get hanging, you know, he doesn’t get caught hanging out on that back leg. Let’s the back knee
travel as he starts to turn open and hip and use his hips really well so it gets
to this position here and it’s really, really awesome to watch young kids get here.
Head back positioning as the hips clear out rotate towards the fence behind, like
I said back knee traveling also a nice bend on that front side and allowing the
front side to open up hip knee and full. You don’t see that in kids a lot or it
gets coached out of them, but he really allows that front side to open up
because of his hip rotation and then everything follows in line in order
after that and in really nice sequential order. So, after the hips it catches the
back shoulder, pitcher leaves one a little up here, and you can see the
barrel working down behind his head behind his shoulder and that’s
absolutely perfect as he maintains a high arm positioning you see his hands
still level with his shoulder that’s gonna allow him to really stay connected
with his body he’s not really getting his arms and stuff out away from himself
on this kind of higher and it looks like kind of middle pitch, a mistake pitch he
takes advantage up, and as he rotates you can see that front knee I had the bend
in it right now is pushing back super straight notice his back foot also
coming off the ground because of that really aggressive and explosive hip
rotation head staying back so it gets to contact we’re going to see the barrel
really working up from behind the ball. So he’s already in the way of it right
here he hadn’t even hit it yet and the barrel is already in between the ball in
the catcher’s mitt and that’s fantastic. Couldn’t say anything better about that.
Continues to rotate through at content right after we see the head behind the
knee straight front leg back foot perfect high heel.
It’s a flatter swing because the ball is higher the lower swing we’d like to see
him get that shoulder down elevate it just like this one. Continues to rotate
through contact cause it’s turned off just a little bit like see him continue to
rotate all the way through, but a fantastic swing from a young player.
Aggressive had a mindset, had a goal and took the swing that was necessary to
achieve it which is drop the ball hard and congrats right there. So, Gabe Grubb
good swing there man and continuing great things and thanking
baseball youth for watching and looking forward to seeing some more of your

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