FunnyMaine on College Football Today (CBS)

leading the nation in consecutive
passes without an points scored by the tide in the win over Ole Miss the last time out interception at 167, also
the 31 second quarter Alright. Hey, FunnyMaine! 6’1″ yeah 6’1″ Tua Tagovailoa currently Texas games.
-There not viewable
-Put it on Showtime for us -No, no.
-He had the Oklahoma game on moniker Funny Maine. He is funny.
Bet we don’t record BJ watching the -Of course, Alabama fans know comedian
Jermaine Johnson by his YouTube You had to take his hat?
-New sheriff in town.
-Is that his? Turn around? BJ, did you take my hat? They’re looking
nice in the white unis trying to do the show here.
-Nice place but maybe bigger couch Run the ball. Yes. Yes.
-Hey man. You
mind keeping it down.
-We’re state of Texas. Good Stuff Fellas
here we go. Bama Highlights. (laughter) with the win today. Nick Saban will
be a perfect 8-0 in the When did 6′ 1″ become short? I’ll take 6’1″. That is absolutely correct Okay. Big deal Whatever Whoop Whoop
Tua is not short. He’s 6′ 1″ seven is on the way. They almost
beat Auburn?. Almost beat Auburn meetings versus the Aggies. Buckle
up buckaroos cuz number can’t be showing love to the Aggies.
YEE HAW! Alabama’s won the last six Did you hear what Adam said? Nick
Saban is 17-0 versus his former assistants say to make yourself feel better.
B J come on you’re a Longhorn. You can’t Jimbo and three! Our only loses were t two top
10 teams. Whatever you got to lost players, coaches, water boys
everybody. Did you hear that? lost in the state of Texas. While
he’s been bama’s coach. I love Everything really is
big in Texas. Okay. So what that graphic Saban’s average margin
of victory is 32.3 Come on Rick. Let him know what
it is. Nick Saban has never big deal they lost Trayveon Williams.
That’s not an excuse. We’ve

61 thoughts on “FunnyMaine on College Football Today (CBS)

  1. Congratulations Funnymaine! Hard work and dedication pays off. May God bless you with many more opportunities. Great Job bro

  2. Love the channel Maine!!! Im a huge DAWGS FAN!!!!! Always respected Saban and how good he is at his job. HOPEFULLY Kirby Smart will get his [email protected]!# together, Otherwise good luck to Bama. DONT let clemson take it again!!! GO DAWGS!!!!

  3. Funny Maine, don't lose yourself in the limelight. Stay grounded and you will always have your fans to back you. Roll tide roll!

  4. Holy cow did someone get that? Did someone actually get that. He said our name for once he actually said our name. He said Auburn. War Eagle y’all

  5. If that clown t j lsu dad stop hating, maybe he would be getting the same love funnymaine has got. Funnymaine talks about Bama but he doesn't spend all his time hating on other teams.

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