Funhaus. Volleyball. The real story…

[“Electric Avennue” by Eddie Grant plays] [Steve, voiceover] Our story begins in 1996, when volleyball was first created by a man named benJani woah woah einstein. What originally started on college campuses has grown to over 2,000 players worldwide. And today was the official volleyball tournament between Sugar Pine 7 and Funhaus. [Steve, voiceover] I explained to Cib that it was totally fine if he was the captain of the team, if, and only if, at the end of the day we all realize that this is not a competitive event. Talk about a blast from the past, we even had surprise guest Geoff Ramsey show up, and it was the first time I’d ever seen him smile since watching any Roosterteeth video ever. But then, part of me thought that maybe it was like when my dog smiled, purely out of heat or exhaustion. [Steve, voiceover] I have eczema. [siren noise] [Steve, voiceover] There was no way everybody was going to treat me like the host of on-the-spot. I had to get control, otherwise, nobody was ever going to respect me. [Steve, voiceover] Before we could announce everybody on the Funhaus team, tragedy struck. We were told we couldn’t take video or pictures at that particular volleyball court and to this day, we still don’t know the reason why. [Steve, voiceover] I was right. It wasn’t a mastadon. At least we were being kicked off by Platinum Security, which made me feel just a little bit more important. [Steve, voiceover] I’m sorry, I was actually asking what the word “salary” meant. [Steve, voiceover] I was surprised at how sportsmanlike everybody was acting. Even Cib acted like a gentleman. Because just like Abe Washington couldn’t tell a lie, Cib can’t talk trash. [Steve, voiceover] I don’t like working with Alfredo, but God damn, the man’s a charmer. [Steve, voiceover] And just like that, the competition was underway. And now, a quick message from whatever sponsor YouTube gives us. Unless you’re using AdBlocker, in which case, fuck it. [Steve, voiceover] I was never popular, or good at sports. But my life has dramatically changed over the course of the past few years becoming a member of the 1% and I was sure my newfound confidence would translate athletically. [sad music] I let my team down, and, on top of that, I let me down. If I couldn’t pull this off, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue my bloodline. I looked at the ball, and the ball looked at me. Connect. [Steve, voiceover] I didn’t realize that one of the main obstacles we’d have to overcome today was James’s bad body. Thankfully, all the hours Kovic puts in at the gym don’t make him any better at serving. [Steve, voiceover] Here’s Bruce Greene trying to fluff the content, trying to create situations that don’t actually exist. Who in their right mind would do that? [Steve, voiceover] At first, I was a little skeptical about Parker’s nickname Michael Jordan, I’d never seen him play sports before. But halfway through the game, he was shutting the other team down. The sad part is I couldn’t even commend him for the job he did, because Eunice on the other team wouldn’t stop talking shit. [Steve, voiceover] Just another simple reminder that women should be seen when heard. Which goes without saying for any gender, because nobody likes to be snuck up on when they’re talked to. Point after point after point, Parker was controlling this game better than I control my bladder. And what I mean by that is that tragedy strikes randomly. And just like one bedwetting ruins a 362 day accident-free streak, Parker couldn’t be who he needed to 100% of the time. [Steve, voiceover] With Parker no longer serving, we had to come up with ways to distract Funhaus. [Steve, voiceover] Even though Parker wasn’t serving, and even though James was barely able to move at all, and even though we had Cib, TRACK: Through the Wire by Kanye West I figured there was no way they would be
able to catch up to us before we got to 15. [Steve, voiceover] I think we were all very worried about James, and we weren’t really sure how to handle it. [Steve, voiceover] On top of James’s condition, I didn’t think I’d be having an issue with Lawrence today. Yet, for some reason, in Lawrence’s little world,
he has a lot to do. One more point and Funhaus would have won the
entire game. But I knew my team, and I knew they weren’t going to let me down. Look at the smugness on Bruce’s face, and look at what position Lawrence is in. What stance is this. It looks like he’s staring at the ball. Like he thinks he can somehow move it with his eyes, but instead all he does the shit his pants. 14 to 14. One final serve to decide the true champion of 2017’s volleyball championship. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. But one thought, and one thought alone rescued me from the tension. It was time for the final round. it was Parker’s serve, and it was my ball to
win. Form. Technique. Passion. Invitation. I felt my team and Funhaus’s eyes all watching me. My spider arms were tingling, and it was
time to take this one home. Right about here is where I realized,
it’s not so important to be competitive. The important thing is having fun with your friends. It was a magical day full of fun, full of pleasure, but most of all full of friendship. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t watch Funhaus at this point. They’re one of the best channels on YouTube. if you’d like to see their point of view, click right here or the link in the description. “Oh, no, dude!”

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  2. Funhaus are try hards. They're not funny at all. It's like they all desperately want to be the funniest in the group but it just comes across as desperate.

  3. I'm so sorry boys, but… just, the adblock thing is a necessity. This isn't TV where the interruptions are built in, somebody could be mid sentence (nay, mid word) and the interruption happens. I can't.

  4. "Geoff couldn't make it to this one because he's at that age where just one inconvenience throws him off." that killed me cuz it's true lol

  5. if i ever find cib in the street.. i swear to god i shave this head.. his hair is so annoying for some reason…dont even get me started in this headband… it must reak

  6. Hey, I apologize if this question is annoying, but after your little lip sync intro at the beginning when the camera is somewhat grainy right before everything comes in focus, is that a certain filter or editing trick? If so, please get back to me! Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi Steven! I saw you in life noggin! He said to tell you something but I forgot!.. Go to his channel and click one of them that is titled: Why do we laugh?

  8. “Geoff couldn’t make it because he’s at that age where 1 inconvenience throws him off”

    So how What age does this become. A thing. Lmao

  9. Where is famous actor james allen mccune? Can't you afford him anymore? I only watch this show because of him….

  10. This was the video that introduced me to SP7. Been catching up on old videos and have hit today. What a glorious day this is.

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