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  1. Maybe anna will have fire power but its the fire of love to fight the new enemies,
    If disney see this comment i would love that anna would have powers,
    Like or comment if u agree w my theory and if disney should do that🤗

  2. I’m hoping this turns out like all the conspiracy things I watched, that would be one hella epic movie

  3. Why did Elsa need to take off her nice boots? In the first movie when she was walking on water ice was activated and she had shoes on. Am I the only one to realize this?

  4. I was ten the first one came out, I loved it.

    I am 16 when the first one is coming out, I am going to love it.

    I will be near 30 when the live-action remake of the first Frozen comes out, I am going to love it.

  5. I think this movie will feature:
    Kristoff and Anna's son and daughter
    A Stone or Crystal Trolls
    Sven's family
    Anna's fire powers
    The Beldam

  6. Is it bad that I’m a 13 year old and hyped up for this just cuz it’s freakin awesome. I mean just look at the trailer!!!

  7. I really hope that they won't try to shove lgbt stuff under that excuse that the sequel is more mature now. I said it once, and I'll say it as many times as needed- While in the book "The Secret Admdmirer", Elsa was shown to be open minded to the idea of finding romance, she said it herself that she dosen't need someone special in her life, because she already has Anna (platonically). Also, Elsa never showed any interest in a lesbian romance.

  8. To all the people who want Elsa to be gay, I have something to say (rhyme not intended): I get you. I really get you. you want to finally have a character in a titan entity like Disney to be revealed as gay like you, especially when it's someone with so much popularity like Elsa. I understand the joy that you would feel when there will be a character that you can resonate with and relate to. It's not something bad to want a character to represent you.

    However…There is something that you need to understand about this demand to make Elsa gay: One of the key elements that make Elsa into such a well written character is the mystique that sorrounds her in regard to some of her aspects. Case in point- her sexual preference. One of the things that makes it so easy to create shippings of Elsa with many other characters in fiction, let them be males or females, is the fact that it was never specified or revealed whether or not Elsa is gay. That way, both lgbt and non lgbt people can basically think of her as either a gay person or not. after all since there is no definitive answer, no one guesses wrong. That is one of the reasons as to why it is not wise to officially declare Elsa as a gay character. Doing so will make people who don't like the lgbt community to shut her off, or feel uneasy from her, which will be especially evident when their children would want to see the movies of the Frozen franchise, and said parents would rather not show them a gay character. Look, I'm of the moderate left, I support the lgbt community, and I disagree with people who hate them. HOWEVER, I acknowledge the fact that people who don't like the lgbt community have every right to express a different opinion. True, I will not AGREE with their opinions, and I will argue with them, and condemn their actions against the community if their hatred will go to far, but if they have a different opinion than mine on the community, it's their right to have a different opinion. I bring this up because if Elsa will be made an official gay character, people who like Elsa and relate to her, but don't like the lgbt community, will shut her off, and it will dwindle the amount of people that can be influenced in a very positive way from the messages that Elsa brings with her in the movie. It will be devastating to see Elsa going from one of the most beloved characters of Disney to a character that many people can hate just because the studio wanted to please certain viewers, instead of leaving her sexual preference ambiguous, and therefore keeping her a character that everyone can love and relate to, because of her traits, journey and messages.Also, if young children will be exposed to the idea of the lgbt community in a much too early stage in their lives, they will start to think about things that shouldn't even bother them at a young age, like their sexuality, or what does it mean when someone isn't shown to want romance with the other sex. Revealing Elsa as gay will cause children to be VERY confused about themselves and their sorroundings, and it can damage them a lot in adulthood. gay couple who adopt children need to teach their children the meaning of having multiple types of parenthoods, but that is up to them. Now, let's go back to Elsa's traits and journey. Here is THE OTHER reason as to why it will be a BAD idea to make Elsa officially gay: While in the book "The Secret Admirer", it is shown that while Elsa is open minded to the idea of having a romance in general, she says by herself that her sister is already someone special in her life (platonically speaking, of course), so Elsa dosen't really NEED romance to feel happy, since her family gives her all the love that she needs, and she loves them vice versa. Not to mention that in the first movie and the two shorts that followed, including in her cameos in the movie "Ralph breaks the Internet", and in the live action tv show "Once upon a time", Elsa has NEVER shown any interest in a romantic relationship with someone, let it be a male or a female. This brings me to the core problem of the people who want Elsa to be gay: you people only want to take THE EASY WAY to achieve your desire to have a famous gay protagonist. Instead of working hard to make a protagonist who is both gay AND an interesting character, you just want to rewrite an already existing popular character like Elsa, or just add to her traits that were never shown to be a part of her behavior, so that you can just put a V on this matter. Well, you know what? TRY HARDER. If you want to have a representative of the lgbt community in the media, work hard to create a new, original one on your own. The world dosen't need to stop itself in its track, and bend the knee before you, just because you want something to happen, because that's not how life works. Why can't you just settle with BELIEVING that Elsa is gay, instead of forcing her to be made into one, when there is both no indication that she is one, and no reason for her to be one! Elsa is already happy as she is- single, brave, beloved by her family and kingdom, and trying to make up for her sister for all the years that she was apart from her, and Elsa ENJOYES this life! Giving her a love interest out of nowhere, especially a female one, will just get in the way of her desire of strengthening the bond that she has with her sister, and in case you didn't understood until now- THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HER! So just stop being so GREEDY in your desire for "progressiveness", and start to actually RESPECT the character and the fans. I don't think that Elsa is lesbian, but there is nothing wrong with you BELIEVING that she is lesbian. Anyone can think whatever he or she wants about Elsa's sexual preferences, but don't force your opinions on this character, because then, some of the mystique will go forever. If you care about Elsa, and your desire to make her a lesbian is something extra that will make you even more happy to have her in your lives, then please, just settle for believing that she is lesbian, just like I believe that she isn't, and you will see that you will feel a lot more relief and joy. However…if the only thing that will make you even care a little about her character is if she will be lesbian, or if she will have a love interest…I'm sorry, but you are not in a position to call yourselves "Elsa fans". A true fan respects a character for who he or she is, and the rest is left to each one's imagination. Forcing the desire of one side on something that is supposed to bring people together will only drive a wedge between them, and keep them apart. So please, think about what I wrote, and learn how to bend the knee as well when something greater than you is shown to be able to bring different people together, because this is what true progressiveness is.

  9. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think one movie was enough. (one too many, imo)

    I wish I could fit a "let it go" joke in my comment.

  10. Wow…. Today I learned that Alex and Rebecca Nieto (Anon people at Disney) are sociopaths and perverts…….
    just kidding….. I figured that out in 2010! … except I had never met sociopaths before so never Learned my lesson about them……How many more years in a Disney Prison by these straight up sociopaths!!!
    Lesson Learned: If you Disney people you don't go to a real prison for almost 10 years worth of daily crimes; and also are guilty for committing a Crime Against Humanity for using covert military mind control technologies against civilians.

  11. Elementals are angry… between two trailers u can see water (horse thing), air (little tornado thing), fire (fae fire burning everything) and earth (moving mountain). Elsa has to learn to extend her power to control all elements. I'd bet its something like this 🙂

  12. Boy….have your lies and illusions pissed off the wrong…woman.

    I feel sorry for the Kennedy family….but they deserve it…

  13. OMG!! I almost cried, I grew up with this movie and I loved, love it so much. A few years ago, I heard some rumors that the second movie was going to be in the cinema and I had the illusion of seeing it, but it never happened so I lost my hopes, until now 🙂

  14. I figured the story! Elsa the first one to know about her powers has the element of water. Now, there are four elements earth, water, fire and air. These elements are actually gonna be seen in Frozen 2

    The characters who will have one of the four elements is Elsa, Anna, Korak and Ruby. Korak and Ruby are Tarzan's children. As we should all know, Tarzan is Elsa and Anna's younger brother and after the shipwreck when Queen Iduna and King Agnar were attending Rapunzels wedding they had a child.

    Tarzan married a lady named Jane and they had two children, Korak and Ruby, brother and sister. Now, because Tarzan is the child of Queen Iduna and King Agnar he got the blood of his grandfather, who was supposedly cursed with powers. And due to that blood connection, Tarzan's children got powers representing Earth and Air.

    So here is the family power line

    Grandfather: Elemental powers
    King Agnar: Elemental blood (but does not necessarily have powers)
    Queen Iduna: No elemental power or blood but mixed with genes and blood gave family powers
    Elsa: Elemental power Water/Ice (snow)
    Anna: Elemental power Fire/Love
    Tarzan: Elemental blood but but no powers
    Korak: Elemental power Air
    Ruby: Elemental power Earth

    And there you have it!
    Make sure to like and share this comment if you think this is the story line.


  15. 😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😊😆😉😊😉😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😄🙂🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😉😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Sorry, i love frozen and i am a crazy Disney fan so that is why i can't wait!!❄️🍁

  17. I wish that elsa and anna's parents have more screentime…but disney decided to make elsa's parents have very short screentime in the 1st frozen…make them have longer screentime

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