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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Behruz
has asked us about how he’s going to change his mindset to be able to play topspins instead
of flat hits. Behruz has been playing for a long time. He
started playing when he was 10, he’s now 44, and he’s got really used to hitting the ball
really flat when he’s playing but he wants to try and change to playing more of a topspin
game so let’s see if we can help him. Behruz it needs to start in your training
sessions. In your training I want you now to start to play that topspin ball almost
exclusively so in a practice game situation let’s set yourself a task to play every ball
with topspin and no flat balls at all. For example let’s now set yourself up so that
every time the ball comes long you have the task of playing a topspin rather than a flat
hit. Get someone to count for you or you can count for yourself how many flat balls you
make in that game. Your aim is to get that down to zero. To do that though you do need to have confidence
in your topspin stroke. So the reason that you are playing that flat hit is because that
is the stroke that your body is used to and it’s also the stroke that your body trusts
the most. You’ve got to get it to the stage where it trusts playing that forehand topspin
and it knows that by playing a topspin the ball is going to go on the table. That only
happens again in your training situation so you need to get that stroke correct, you need
to get that topspin stroke off backspin better, you need to get the topspin off a block better.
You can check the videos in our strokes and techniques section to see the technique that
you need to use there. Get them right. Get confidence in them and then in the practice
match situation start to use them as much as you possibly can and get that flat hitting
down to zero.

37 thoughts on “From Flat Hit To Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. ive been following ur channel for a year now and through i learned hpw to play decently. i got noticed in my school and might play tournaments against other schools! Thx so much :)!

  2. I'm a music teacher and I love your videos. Your a fantastic teacher, coach, and leader 🙂 huge Inspiration. Thank you

  3. Every time I try to put a top spin on the ball it usually goes to the net. Does that mean my paddle is at to much of an angle?

  4. I have match tomorrow of semi final of STATE LEVEL MATCH and I hope your videos will help me a lot to get me the trophy..

  5. How do I smash properly? The ball either goes into the net or flies off the edge of the table. Please help! P.S. Are you going to do a 100,000 subscribers special?

  6. 34 years and he hasn't learned how to spin yet whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
    don't think this sport's for you, mate

  7. @PingSkills hello I was wondering if you could help me with my forehand loops. Some loop but most don't. I've been practicing for awhile now and I feel like I would get them down if someone told me what I was doing wrong. I have a few videos I can upload or email to you directly if you can help! Also if you want them in slow motion I can do that too! It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out with them. If you have any questions about anything, example: (my paddle is the stiga evolution paddle, it's a pre-made paddle it was only like 40 bucks from stiga, it works alright but I'm sure it's good enough to loop with?) but any other questions you can direct message me or comment on this. Thanks a lot!

  8. PingSkills what would be a good first custom blade? I'm gunna go with Mark 5 on both sides and then I'm looking for a light allround blade? or whatever you recommend. I'm very comfortable with a light paddle because it's easy to control but don't mind giving up a little control for a faster paddle. Also I'll be signing up for that premium membership at PingSkills! Thanks a ton!

  9. Dear Pingskill, I think much Flat hit or Topspin, both are so useful and important to be mastered, depending on the game situation sometimes using much flatter hit sometimes much spin, isn't it right? Well I just wanna ask you when in a game situation that is much better use flatter hit than using much spin on the ball? Is flat hit good for smashing a high slow chopping balls? Cause I find it sometimes rather difficult to do as the ball tend to go out or into the net, it is much safer to give a little bit spin on the smash. thanks


  11. hi alois,I had a question about how to block a forehand loop with a long pimpled rubber in my backhand.Pls reply as soon as possible.

  12. Hi Alois, What if I have the opposite issue? Unless it's a very high return I tend to forehand loop everything when possible (due to my lack of confidence in reading in coming spin) so I've tried to mix in forehand drives, but then I started get indecisive sometimes whether I should loop or drive. Is this bad?

  13. well i started using top spins instead of flat hits subconsciously 2 weeks ago ^^ Good videos by the way keep it up.

  14. Q: What are the ways of returning a no spin fast deep shot where ball simply does not grips and does not bounces off to a height after hitting the other side of the table as it would if it has top spin. I usually get this return (from unorthodox player) at my backhand. It has become my weak point as i cannot attack with consistency. And second most frustating return is when opponent simply punches the topspin generated by you. Even in this case ball does not bounces much and is fast with almost all spin generated by me gone?

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