From Baseball to NBA Star?! The Story Of Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the best
young centers under the age of 25 playing in the NBA right now but he
actually quit basketball to play baseball at one point in his life which
is shocking but you’ll see Karl Anthony Towns journey to the NBA in a few
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you with another video STAY TUNED! Karl-Anthony Towns was born in Edison New Jersey he grew up in
Piscataway New Jersey he started getting involved with the game of basketball at
around the age of three when he used to spend time in the gym with his father’s
high school team because his dad was a coach at the Piscataway Tech for 19
years from 1995 to 2014 he started to develop a love for basketball during
these times because in the gym he would start putting up shots and he would
practice dribbling the ball as well and his dad would assign two junior varsity
kids to play with his son during his practices Karl jr. would get a few runs
in with them because the two junior varsity kids wouldn’t be playing this
kept him from being bored sitting on the sideline watching his dad coach the
Piscataway basketball team it was from this point Karl-Anthony Towns junior
started playing basketball full-time he was attending his dad’s practices
because there was no one to take care of him at home because his mom was at work
and his dad Karl senior wouldn’t be home as well because he would be busy
coaching the Piscataway high school basketball team and his parents couldn’t
find a babysitter to take care of Karl jr. while they were at work so Karl
senior decided to pick him up from daycare when Karl jr. was attending Lake
Nelson seventh-day Adventist school and bring Karl jr. to his practices but
here’s the thing he didn’t just love basketball he loved
baseball as well because his mom is Dominican and Dominicans really love
baseball his grandmother from his mom’s side would always plea to Karl-Anthony
towns junior to play baseball and after that he decided to actually give
baseball a chance and that’s when he fell in love with baseball instantly he
actually completely dropped basketball at one point for a whole year to play
baseball his specialty wasn’t pitching as well he
really loved to pitch last year when Roy Halladay died in a plane crash
Karl-Anthony Towns jr. tweeted rest in peace to Roy Halladay when I played
baseball I always wanted to pitch like doc Karl stated that he could have made
it to the MLB if he pursued baseball there’s no stats or gameplay footage to
prove this but I believe him because he’s a hard worker and that’s proven
because of how hard he works in the NBA to maintain his stardom if he did make
it to the MLB he would also become the tallest player to ever play in MLB
history standing at 7 feet tall if he made it there’s a guy that goes by the
name of Loak Van Mil he’s the tallest player in professional baseball right
now standing at 7 feet one inches but he never played in the major league he
played in the minor league and that’s why when you go on you can see
no stats for Loak Van Mil the minor league is where the farm baseball teams
play the minor league is equivalent to what the G league is in Basketball it’s
the level below the highest competition so that would make Karl-Anthony Towns
the tallest player to ever play in Major League Baseball
if you pursued baseball as a career and he made it he almost ended up playing
baseball at St. Joseph High School where he attended in Metuchen New Jersey
but unfortunately he would drop baseball which he kind of regrets today because
his coaches were in his ear to give basketball a shot again because they
seen something special in him on the basketball level and at the time he felt
like he missed the game of basketball as well so he gave it a shot again which
wasn’t a bad choice because at the age of 16 Towns was selected to play on the
Dominican Republic national basketball team and in his freshman year he led
Saint Joseph high school to win a state championship in 2012
and for that season he averaged eleven point six points 9.6 rebounds one point
four assists and three point eight blocks per game in 31 games
these are his stats game by game for that season he also led Saint Joseph to
a state title in his sophomore year as well in 2013 and in that season his
stats improved drastically he averaged 21 point 3 points fourteen point three
rebounds three point four assists five point six blocks and 1.8 steals per game
in 31 games these are his stats game by game for
that season he also had a monster game on January the 6th that season back in
2013 against Saint Peter’s Prep he got a quadruple double he scored 16 points
grabbed 17 rebounds blocked 11 shots and dished out 11 assists Saint Joseph would
go on to win that game 82 to 66 before the start of Karl’s junior season at
Saint Joseph he was at Kentucky and he tweeted just saw the UK baseball field
makes me miss baseball so much hashtag BBN he tends to reminisce a lot
though I guarantee you if he chose baseball over basketball he would say
the same thing about basketball as well he would lead St. Joseph to a state
title again in his junior year back in 2014 and during that season he averaged
twenty point nine points thirteen point four rebounds 4.3 assists six point two
blocks and 1.8 steals per game in 32 games he also had another
quadruple-double game again like the previous season against Woodbridge on
January the 5th back in 2014 he scored 20 points had 13 blocks 10 assists and
14 rebounds and St. Joseph’s won that game 82 to 45 but this would be Karl’s
last season at St. Joseph’s high school that’s why there’s no stats for the 2014-15 season which would be his senior year because in December of 2012 on the
4th he announced that he would be reclassifying as a senior to commit to
play at Kentucky under John Calipari who is the coach for Kentucky and still is
today Karl wanted to play baseball his senior year at St. Joseph but John
Calipari said No and what made it even worst was John
heard that he wanted to pitch on top of that Karl graduated from St. Joseph with
a 3.96 GPA and in 2014 he was named the Gatorade Player of the Year a Parade
All-American and a McDonald’s All-American Towns had a pretty good
year at Kentucky he averaged ten point three points two
point three blocks one point one assists and six point seven rebounds playing
21.1 minutes in 39 games he became a SEC Freshman of the year he was named to the
Second Team All-American and a Third Team All-American and he made it to the
SEC all first team he would declare for the NBA Draft and he was chosen number
one by the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2015 so far he’s been doing great
things in the NBA he’s broken a few franchise records and NBA records as you
can see on the screen I can’t show everyone because there’s too much records and in his rookie season he made it to
the rookie first team and he was the Rookie of the Year as well and he
averaged 18 point three points one point seven blocks two assist and ten point
five rebounds he improved a lot in his sophomore season he averaged 25 point 1
points one point three blocks two point seven assists and twelve point three
rebounds this past season he dropped statistically in scoring and assists
because the addition of another all-star Jimmy Butler and when a good player
comes to your team your stats will most likely drop a bit this past season Karl
averaged 21 point 3 points one point four blocks two point four assists and
twelve point three rebounds he also became an all-star for the first time in
his career this past season and he was also selected to the all-nba third team
the Timberwolves would make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2004
and this would mean that it would be the first time that Karl would make it to
the playoffs in his career as well he didn’t play good the first two games in
the series versus Houston but he picked it up by the third game in the series
and he went on to average 15.2 points one block two point two assists and
thirteen point four rebounds in five games versus the Rockets but the
Timberwolves would go on to lose the series in five games so as you can see
Karl-Anthony Towns junior choosing basketball over baseball wasn’t a bad
choice at all but that’s it for the video guys that’s the story of
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