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Today you will learn Who is Frienship Orgin rubber for? Is Chinese style better than european? what kind of exercises improves player’s growth “Origin” combines the optimized formulation with a new technology of nano-infiltration, making the rubber adhesive coating durable and the spining strong and continuous. Its new design of thin base rubber sheet and semi-towered structure makes the touch clear and the energy transer continuous; its application of patterned rubber makes the friction more intensive; its high-density sponge with delicate cells reduces the energy blocking and increases the speed and rebound strength, making the attack handier. Topspin forehand Top spin using this rubber is certain. We can generate tones of spin. We have to put more force than it is by market leading rubbers. This rubber doesn’t allow for technical mistakes. We have smaller mistake margin. If we hit out of tune then it is 99% that the ball wont hit the table. Block Block we do certain and spin or force of opponent doesn’t make us any issue. This rubber proves very well in case of blocking or a passive play. We can handle the ball very long on the table. Topspin vs backspin It turns out this shot is quite certain. Sticky rubbers are very good in this element. Friendship Orgin meet’s the requirements of an allround player who likes to attack strongly from time to time. When we play vs someone who tries to play defense we will be having an advantage. Backspin We put quite lot of spin however by the table it is not so much felt. If our opponent had a strong top spin, then he will play strongly. It’s easy to receive the serve and to shortplay, but in long term it’s better to attack and play top spin smash This shot is effective. Although this rubber slows the play, if we hit flat the ball, our opponent will be in troubles. If we will try to put a bit of top spin, it will be harder to fit the ball to the table. Hitting from second or third zone fits to the table certain. This rubber proves well in this element. We can suprise our opponent by an unpleasant spin. We have lot of control if our footwork is proper. Counter top spin Counter top spin we play better if our top spin move is wide. Typical european move to top spin doesn’t prove well by rubbers this kind. If we put a bit of sidespin we get a frustration of our opponent. However remember that the one who is closer to the table has advantage. It’s spectacular to play in third zome but we score more points by the table. Friendship Orgin is a good chinese sticky rubber with semi hard sponge. It’s good for not advanced players, allrounders and classic defensors. It’s a good rubber to play top spin if someone has a good footwork and have wide top spin swing. It will give a bit of advantage for those who play by the table and block a lot. It can be part of first pro table tennis set which will introduce player to a real table tennis world. Thanks for watching. Welcome to our reviews. I invite you to Polish Superleague shorts on our channel. In a Polish Superleague do play players from world’s TOP 100. See you next week. As a bonus i supply exercises for a player who want to make a progress.

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  1. Гавняная резина. И не летит и не особо вращает. Тухляк одним словом.

  2. Nothing mentioned about how this rubber performs on BH side. Currently I have fresh 729 Super FX 2.2mm 46° black/blue for FH. Is Origin>SuperFX for developing BH technique?

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