Friday Night Lights (1/10) Movie CLIP – Get Off the Field, Dad (2004) HD

– Hang on to the ball.! The ball.!
– [ Grunts ]You sure he’s part of
your gene pool, Charlie?Shit. Red alert.
Red alert, everybody.What about the expectations
of coaching a team like this
in a community like this?Well, I guess there’s always
a surprise or two in every community. Ball. Just concentrate on
hangin’ on the ball. Both hands. Hey, Donnie. Hey. – Come here. Come here.
What’s the problem?
– Get off the field, Dad.Why can’t you hold on to the football?
What’s so goddamn hard
about holdin’ on to it? – I’m sorry.
– All you gotta do is hold on to the
goddamn football, and you can’t do it. Tell me why you can’t do it.
Just tell me. That’s all I wanna know. I’ll try better next time.
Come on.
Hey![ Woman ] Charlie.!
Don’t you walk away from me. – Leave him alone.
– Don’t you walk away from me
when I’m talkin’to you, you hear me?Tell me why you can’t
hold on to the ball.!
[ Woman ] Enough.!Tell me. Answer a question.
Mr. Billingsley.– It’s the first day of practice.
– [ Woman ] This is practice. Seriously. – [ Grunts ]
– [ Woman ] Enough. Charlie! Embarrassin’ me out here.
Jesus Christ. It’s all right, Don.
[ Sighs ][ Mike ] It’s all right.
Don’t worry about it. Here we go.Slot right. 38–
Billingsley, you ain’t gotta worry
about holdin’ on to the ball, man. – Why’s that?
– ‘Cause you ain’t gonna get the ball. Your job is to be blockin’ for Boobie.
I don’t care if your daddy
is over there cryin’. – You can–
– You never shut up, do you?[ Donnie ]
Our team’s been playin’with each other
for a long time and, uh,we got the brotherhood
part of it down pretty much.

49 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (1/10) Movie CLIP – Get Off the Field, Dad (2004) HD

  1. What's the song playing in the background when they started fighting on the field. If the clip went longer you could hear. So if anyone has the movie. You can watch it and say.

  2. My dad did this to me while I was playing Starcraft 2. He was a Brood War world champion he even went all the way to Korean World Championships. "TELL MEH WHY YOU CAN'T CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL SUPPLY DEPOS!!!"

  3. Dad beats his ads in the field in front of everyone in one moment, them defends his honor in the next, what a loving son!

  4. Noah did not curse Canaan, but he said that Canaan was cursed. As in handicapped, like how that term is used in golf. He had a wicked man for a father, namely Ham, and wicked brethren. But Noah saw something special in Canaan, wherefore he sought to help him. Scholarship. Foster care.Like how Cinderella's Fairy Godmother attempted to help Cinderella. Literally, a curse is something that prevents you from drawing near to God.His brothers were wicked. Nimrod, for example, was like a guy who liked to shoot at wildlife for sport, rather than for food. And so Noah hid Canaan from them, making him unrecognizable from other servants. Jesus said that the servant does not remain in the house forever, but the son remains forever. So, be not a servant of sin lest you be adopted by the devil. See, Leviticus 25 : 23, kjv. God gave the land to the righteous but promised it to they who MIGHT be found righteous, as they went through the trials and tribulations of life – it is a "weeding-out process". Consider diligently the last two verses of the Book of Ecclesiastes, kjv. Speak not IN SECRET, but PLAINLY about the evil they do. See, Ephesians 5:11-12, kjv.

  5. man if you have grown up playing football your whole life in Texas.. this shit happens everyday. fathers take their boys football more serious than their marriage

  6. If my dad ever hit me like that I would punch him right in the stomach possibly kick him in the stomach actually

  7. Any parent who embarrasses or treat their kids like this should be taught a lesson! I would tackle Mr. Billingsley unexpectedly and hold him to the ground and have the other players hold him down! And I would say, "Next time, you're going to think twice before you treat your son like that. You're living in a world of perfection, Charlie Billingsley!"

  8. Look, I love my dad. But if my dad ever did that, I'd knock his teeth out. Coach should've too. Or another player. No excuse for just watching that. Dude needed a good asswhipping. I'd come from behind him with my helmet and kept hitting him with it till their wasn't anything left to hit or a cop pulled me off.

  9. Well dad I couldn't hold on to the football because it was the result of a vicious hit, there's nothing I could do about that is what he should've said, every time there's a hit like that a fumble is likely to occur

  10. Would never…. ever!!! Let that happen if I was a coach. I grew up in a town where parents tried to semi coach or talk the real coach into favoring their boy over another and it sickened me then and now

  11. Those of you criticizing Coach Gaines for not interfering, please realize that Gaines was a fairly new face in Odessa. He had taken over for legendary John Wilkins, who had won 89% of his games at Permian, including several state championships. Any local legend Dad had more clout at this point than Gary did. That would change the next season ‘89, when Mojo won state again.. this time under Gaines.

  12. This is why the tv series is so much better. Eric Taylor would've kicked that dad out of the field faster than he could speak

  13. My high school football team plays Permian every single year. And every single year they get their asses handed to them. I think last year the score was 50-3 or something. One year it was 70-14. Permian is something else. Really.

    Edit: This year, my high school beat Permian 49-28. Apparently Hell does in fact freeze over.

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