freekickerz vs Sergio Ramos – Penalty Football Challenge

Hi guys, today we are in Madrid (Spain) Testing the new Nike Tiempo Legend 7 This is the lightest Tiempo ever because of the Flyknit And how the boots will perform in a football challenge – let’s find out! Hey, i’m Sergio Ramos and this is the Penalty Challenge!

50 thoughts on “freekickerz vs Sergio Ramos – Penalty Football Challenge

  1. Its Really funny to see such a faked video because the goalkeeper hat known Wehre Every shot goes Bit He Jumpers to the Otter side to Show that the shoe is sooooo good

  2. Че за тупой вратарь, вот Жеку Спирякова туда, он бы тащил
    Привет из прошлого

  3. Кто не понял, на воротах Акинфеев под гримом! Вот это прикол, ору!

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