freekickerz vs PRO FEMALE PLAYER – Penalty Football Challenge

Hey guys and welcome to our new video we are Freekickerz, I am Tim and I am Michi Today we are here with Josephine Henning and we have a little challenge for you Let’s go! Keep calm, let’s have some foreplay first I should warm up first when you start like this Show us the left hammer The left hammer?! No way!? First trickshot for today keep calm, come on! No, not really! The shirt is giving you wings! Rule number one – first one is a lob Straight in the balls! I feel with you! That clapped loud! Very good! It’s like freekicks, the first one full power in the wall! How high he could fly! I got an eye on you! Ice cold man! He had to after he missed the last one! safe! Karol boy – whats up? That was nothing! It was in! Was it really in? right here! bad luck! No worries fifth round! Meti whats the matter with you? Jump man jump! remain standing You’re out! you waited too long! That was the penalty shootout with Josephine Henning I hope you enjoyed it and good luck for the WC for you and your team Have fun on our channel! I will get you!

100 thoughts on “freekickerz vs PRO FEMALE PLAYER – Penalty Football Challenge

  1. [PL] ja pierdole jaka ta baba jest kurwa słaba niech zapierdala Gary myć
    It's good female player and Good picker

  2. Finde die cool dafür, dass die 2 mal Rabona probiert und nicht langweilig wie ne Frau nornalerweise kein Risiko eingeht.

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