freekickerz vs. Manuel Neuer – Ultimate Football Challenges

1:0! Who’s the next one? Ready?
Go on! I won’t even throw for that one… Those are some fast shots! Come on, show me a knuckle ball! Be sure to have the seam at the right spot! That’s already it?!
Thanks a lot guys. Jan, try to relax!
Do it! Yeeess! Easy! Now I’m under pressure! Manu, remember it’s a really small target! I’ll try to get as close as last round. Jan, that one wasn’t bad. Okay Manu, I WON’T cross my fingers for you.
How unfair, dude! I like to touch it, everytime… Should I come close as well? That was sick! … Nice overstepping Let’s go, Manu! No pressure, but… The kick outs have to win it! I was too eager before! Come on, you’ll get this one! Yeah sure, I’m cool as always… My final throw!
Okay. The wind, the wind, oh…! Shall I shoot? Do it arrogantly? First try, a shot? We should say: That was planned, that was planned… Damn…
Not bad, not bad! I am really happy that Manu’s shooting is the same as mine. You’ve still got one left. A kick though… however you like. You’re the boss. Did you hear that? That was enough for me. I can actually go now! Crossbar! That one’s not easy! I totally missed… Do I have to pay respect now? Sick dude! Lukas, dude! That was a close match! Next time! Come on guys, give me a chance! And bye… God, he just easily saves them… Lowest (doesn’t move)… Top bins, come on! Knuckleball! Sick! Without diving! Come on! Other top corner! Yes dude! Too easy… Now he’s on fire! That one would’ve gone over. Didn’t want to let you wreck the GoPro! Easy, watch! Goalkeeper against goalkeeper! Goalkeeper saves! Your weak corner or what?
Well, look at it! You didn’t get one through that side yet! Feinted! You’ve only got that gap there… Yes! Nice! Sick shot! No goal! Good save…ok Well but it’s said that the woodwork keeps you in the game! Concentrate! Semi-high shoots are ugly, right? Do the Zaza! Well Zaza always misses! Yeah that’s why I missed! Back post, right? Ohhh good save. Held on to that one! Come on Konzi, concentrate bro! Uhhh second time no problem, bro… Good old Manu…it’s him again! So guys, that were the challenges against Manuel Neuer! And for you, we’ve got a little prize draw! One of your comments will win you a whole years supply from Head & Shoulders for Men and a signed jersey from Manuel Neuer! I’d say front side…. I hope you had fun!
See you next time guys!

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  1. Hey io sono Italiano e tedesco al 7.. 45 aveva ragione allora statene zitti noi italiani lo abbiamo perso il mondiali almeno la jermania e passata ai mondiali

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