freekickerz vs Buffon – Ultimate Football Challenges

Hey guys and welcome to a new video on freekickerz. Today, we are in Turin with help from Puma and Intersport in order to test the new Puma One.. ..with living legend Gigi Buffon! Okay Karol, let’s go! Show us something! Let’s go, dude! Boy, what a strong throw! One last hit please! Top left! That one’s in, I called it! I should’ve let that one in for that compliment! That was brutal! The worst that can happen to a keeper! Jan, strong stuff there! It was great fun to challenge such a legend! Okay guys, great to kick with Gigi for the FIT FAST FEEL campaign. We have to admit that he totally destroyed us though…
No, no, no… You, you, me…he destroyed the whole team! You make me nervous with your ball there!
Okay that one as well! So, if you want to check out the shoe, go to If you look closely, you will see that you can also win a signed pair of shoes from Gigi Buffon! Awesome, right? I would do it!
So, thanks for watching, we’re out. We’ll play a little more here in Turin. Enjoying life! Bye!

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