Freddie v Freddie – NatWest Cricket

– I knew cricket was what I
wanted to do from a young age. When I was 16 I got offered
a three year contract at Lancashire. If it went well, brilliant. If it didn’t, I’d go back to school at 19. Fortunately, I’ve not gone back to school. (solemn music) When you talk about
iconic overs of the past, what, God knows how many years. Michael Holding, Geoffrey Boycott, 1981. Couldn’t lay a bat on Michael Holding. Shane Warne’s first Ashes
Test match turns that far. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] He’s done it. – The over for me everyone bangs on about is Ponting at Edgebaston 2005. (crowd cheering)
– [Announcer] Yes! Magnificent! – And then they got bowling machines and they put pictures on them but recreating that, you can’t. – Not what I’ve been told. There is a machine. And the public have been voting. For the over they want Freddie to face. So the science behind the
machine is incredible. By looking at the speed, the line, the length, the
swing and also the spin. We’ve created a machine
that can recreate any ball that has ever been bowled in test history. – Every time I walked
out to bat I was nervous. Bowling was alright,
it wasn’t like batting. – [Ollie] Fred how are we? – I’m good Ollie, you? – [Ollie] Yeah not bad, we’ve
got a surprise for you today. – What have we got? – The public have been voting on twitter. – Who have they gone for? – It’s your over against the Aussies at Edgbaston in 2005. – I knew it was gonna be! [TV Announcer] – With 2:35 to
win the game for Australia, Michael Vaughan calls Andrew
Flintoff into the attack. – I had an inkling that
they’d choose my over. And part of me was hoping
they would as well. First ball, hat trick bowl, Justin Langer. – Correct. – Slightly different
though, it was at Edgbaston, 25,000 people, against the Aussies. Today I’m in Ealing, nobody
watching, and no third team. Alright lads? (laughs) Not sure I remember how to do to this. – [Ollie] Here we go Fred, bowl one. – Here he comes. Oh! – Second bowl, I got him out! – [Ollie] Played on, all for the elbow – [Announcer] Go, he’s got him! Freddie Flintoff, the man. (crowd cheers) – [Freddie] Not getting this
on the elbow for no one. Oh! – [Ollie] That’s an absolute corker! – I don’t think I could’ve
played that 15 years ago, nevermind now. Ricky Ponting coming in at number three. We needed Ponting early. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Ooh that’s so close! And it’s not out. – The ball started reverse
swinging very very early. And for me, that was Christmas. – [Ollie] Ball three then Fred? – Oh that was pretty much. – Ball four. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Oh I say. – I still have that ball – [Announcer] Flintoff has changed the whole feeling of the occasion. – Fifth ball, I’ve got
it again coming back in. I might’ve had another LB shout. Trapped his bat behind his pad. Oh, I was flying in. – [Announcer] It’s gone
outside the line again. Marvellous bowling this
because every ball, three out of three, bang bang bang, they’ve all asked a big
question of the batsman. – [Ollie] Ball six, no ball! – [Freddie] But I got a big swing at it. – No ball. – No ball it doesn’t matter. – [Announcer] So, won’t be a problem as far as Flintoff’s concerned because we’ll give him another one at Ponting. – [Freddie] Seventh ball,
possibly the best ball I’ve ever bowled. It was just one of them moments
where all the stars aligned. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Yes! Magnificent cricket from this man. – Ponting in your pocket’s alright init? Where Ponting went wrong, he defended. I’m gonna attack it, I’m gonna go for it. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Beauty, yes! Magnificent cricket from this man. – Just hit myself for six. I think that the odds
are in my favour today, batting against myself. That’ll do. But I loved it. It’s almost like coming home.

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